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5 Important Lessons Writers Can Learn From Cinema


Whatever you write fiction, an essay or a blog post, you need to be precise and innovative. But what if the muse is mute and you suffer from the writer’s block? Take a bowl of popcorn and watch your favorite old-school movie!

Just as writers, filmmakers know their audience. Because of this, some of them create masterpieces you’ll never forget once you see them. This fab infographic from EssayService reveals 5 tricks a writer can learn from cinema. Let’s look at them!

1. Create vivid images

Film directors together with their cast and crew work towards creating memorable moments and characters. Travis Bickle looking at himself in the mirror in Taxi Driver or Samara crawling out of TV in The Ring flash up into our memories just like pictures.

Vivid imagery is as beneficial to films as it is to creative writing. Use associations to engage your reader and help them understand your message.

2. Organise your story

Remember how interested and excited you were while watching Shutter Island or The Silence of the Lambs. Surprise your readers with tricky plot twists!

Films and novels have the same structure. This approach is also suitable for writing short stories, blog posts and narrative essays. Develop the dynamics of your narration. Interchange expository details with your outstanding ideas!

3. Make controversial statements

The best directors are the most outrageous. A Clockwork Orange is very controversial due to graphic violence and conflicting opinions. However, it has many fans and is considered one of Stanley Kubrick’s best works.

The next time you write a post or an essay on the topical issue, try to look at things from a new angle. Feel free to express your point of view! If you start a novel, remember that people like reading what they disagree with.

4. Add humour to your writing

Humor brings lightness into the film. Tarantino’s unique and recognizable style consists of blending violence with humor that elevates it with facetious wit.

Be careful with jokes in formal writing. But a funny story or an anecdote related to the assigned topic will do as a great attention grabber in the introduction.

5. Write what you love

You’ll never create something outstanding if you’re not passionate about it. Can you imagine films like The Godfather or Citizen Kane went unnoticed? If you don’t have a deep interest in the topic, quit it and find another one.

As a writer, always have your audience in mind. You want them to understand you and like your work. Don’t be afraid to be different and follow your fundamental idea. It is a hard work but it brings a lot of joy!


BIO: Michelle Brooks is the independent writer and blog editor at the EssayService. Her specialisation includes education, business and lifestyle. Michelle is never against discussing art and cinema.

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