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11 Habits That Can Transform Your Productivity


Many people are constantly trying to make the most out of their working days. Sometimes, it means working until late and drinking a few additional cups of coffee. This method, although applied by many, is largely ineffective because it includes working harder and longer. Why not work smarter?

To increase the efficiency of your work and avoid spending unnecessary additional hours at the office, we need to analyse the latest knowledge provided by the experts. This is exactly what the infographic below by does.

For example, it reviews many important factors that influence productivity and are often ignored by people, such as cleanliness of the working desk. Who would have thought that files on the desk distract more than they stimulate???

So, if you’re struggling to improve your productivity and achieve more, consider these eleven habits. Each of them is not hard to develop, but could have an appreciable impact on your work performance.

For example, did you know that people who work 56 hours a week are as productive as those who work 70? So, staying in the office to work afterhours might actually have more disadvantages than advantages. Knowing this fact will certainly help you to make smarter decisions in the future.

Well, enough talk! Let’s get to discovering more facts about productivity and how you can become a top performer without applying a lot of effort. Work SMART, not hard!

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