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12 Unusual And Achievable Productivity Hacks For Writers

One of the most searched-for terms that lead writers to this blog is ‘productivity hack’. It seems all you Bang2writers want to get things done … and DONE FAST!

Well, you’ve come to the right place — B2W has always advocated working SMARTER, over working hard!

So I love this infographic from Enchanting Marketing, not only because of the easy and straightforward hacks, but because it looks like it’s been hand drawn! The pics are gorgeous, though slightly ironic … In an age of infographic templates, I bet the designer could have got this done a lot faster! Arf!

Looking at the graphic, I’ve realised I use ALL of these techniques … Though I probably use 4, 5 and 6 the most. What about you?

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12 Unusual Productivity Hacks: How to Write Faster

12 Unusual Productivity Hacks: How to Write Faster, courtesy of Henneke at Enchanting Marketing


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1 thought on “12 Unusual And Achievable Productivity Hacks For Writers”

  1. I like all of these and do a few already. Particularly resting my eyes for a couple of mins from each page of a dense proofreading project.

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