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Top 5 Reasons To Use Trelby Screenwriting Software

One of the most popular articles on B2W is Which Screenwriting Software Is The Best? (Paid For And Free). It was written waaaay back in 2009, so lots of the tools listed are now obsolete, especially the free ones (though I do try and keep it updated).

So when Mia got in touch with this review for free screenwriting tool Trelby, I jumped at the chance to share with you Bang2writers as I think you may like it. I will also add it to the original post, HERE too.

If you want to review another free screenwriting tool (which I will also add to the original pos), then please contact me with your pitch. Speak soon!


There is a lot to take into consideration when you are looking for a screenwriting software tool. There is functionality, features, compatibility with other tools, platform, and the price. It’s a rare commodity to find a piece of software that can excel in all these fields.

Today’s article is all about a screenwriting tool called Trelby. We are going to browse through its features, specs, and functionality and try to make an honest assessment.

Whether you are writing a script for a movie or a TV show, it takes more than just inspiration to create a good story line. The overall process depends on your working conditions and software is essential in this process. Here is what Trebly brings to the table.

So without further ado, let’s check out Trebly and what it can do as a screenwriting tool!


1) It is Free

First of all, Trebly is a completely free, open source software. This means that there are no membership fees, no additional payments for premium features, etc. This is great as most of other respectable pieces of software cost money at some point.

2) It is compatible with other screenwriting software

This means that you can import a “Final Draft” file, for example and use it with Trelby. In addition, you could save your work in other file format and use it. It is interchangeable, which is not so common for free software.

This software also works on Windows and Linux platforms. (Unfortunately, if you’re an Apple user then you won’t be able to use Trelby. Supersadface),.

3) It has great functionality

This software offers various formatting options for action, characters, dialogue, scene, etc. There is also a number of different reports that you could generate in order to check your work, or if you want to make a deeper comparison between various storytelling elements.

4) It is easy to use

Trelby is one of those software choices that does’nt interfere with your work, it follows your flow completely. The user interface is simple; it is not distracting because of the small number of icons on the side. This is very important if you want to keep your focus while working.

There is also a choice between several view options, depending on your needs, and you can switch between them whenever you want. You can switch between draft, layout, or side-by-side mode.

Another great thing that makes Trebly easy to use is an extensive number of tools that help you during your writing process. All these tools are very simple to use and they add a lot of value because they save a lot of your time. Some of the most noteworthy tools you have at your disposal are:

  • Script comparison tool that allows you to compare two scripts through PDF reports.
  • PDF watermark generator. This tool allows you to track you work no matter where you share it and who shares it later.
  • You can also create your own custom watermark.

5) There’s a wide number of formatting options

When it comes to all the formats you can import and export your work in, Trebly really offers a wide array of format options.

Import formats:

  • Plain text (txt)
  • Final Draft (fdx)
  • Celtx (celtx)
  • Adobe Story XML files (astx)
  • Fountain (fountain)
  • Fadein (fadein)

Export formats:

  • PDF
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Final Draft (fdx)
  • HTML
  • Fountain (fountain)
  • Formatted Text (which will produce a txt file)

As you can see, you could export or import other file formats so you can use your work with other screenwriting tools.


Trebly is easy to use software that allows you to work without a hitch. This tool offers various features that you can use to make your work easier. The installation is simple, it doesn’t take too much space on your drive and it has no special hardware requirements.

My overall user experience is positive: it’s easy to use, you don’t have to be an expert. If you plan to start screenwriting career, Trelby is definitely a piece of software you should try.

BIO: My name is Mia Stokes and I am writer. I love to write about education, marketing, screenwriting and more. I find writing to be not just a hobby, but my passion … Being a writer has helped know the world in a way that I could not imagine! Follow me on Twitter as @stokesmia23_mia and check out MY WEBSITE.

Wanted: More Posts Like This!

Do you use screenwriting software such as Fade In, Writer Duet, Movie Magic, Scripped or PlotBot (or something else)? Then I want your reviews, so I can post here and link on my mammoth rundown of software, HERE. Reviews of screenwriting software are really helpful to the Bang2writers, so please contact me ASAP and let’s chat. CLICK HERE to get in touch.

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons To Use Trelby Screenwriting Software”

  1. Short but great review, like Trelby itself! It is really easy to use, and I hope more people start using it! I still don’t understand why people that works as scriptwriters are so fearful of using it.

  2. I have used fade in, Final draft 9 and 11 for little while 9 was good. But once I moved a few times and lost my softwares . I found Trelby and so far I truly loves this one the best. like they say it isn’t cluddered up all over the screen . You can just get right to it . And it’s easy to use.. it is now my go to for Screenwriting . No need to to spend over hundred dollars when this free one does the same thing basically. Good luck to ya all.

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