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5 Steps To The Perfect Elevator Pitch


Whether you’re writing a TV script, a book or perhaps designing the next must-have app, executing your idea is only the start of a rocky (but enjoyable!) journey.

The simple truth is, investors won’t know about your product until they’re told – and you might only get one chance to tell them.

It’s for this reason that you have to nail your elevator pitch – the pitch that perfectly sums up your product or idea so succinctly, you could tell an investor all about it during an elevator ride.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Go straight to the core

Keep it to the essentials and make it compelling. It’s a good idea to think of something you can compare your idea to. For example, if you’ve written a script, you might pitch it as “Grey’s Anatomy but with vampires” or maybe “Like Lost but set in space”. Focus on highlighting the central conflict in your pitch: this is your logline, and it has to be explanative and memorable!

One last thing: when pitching a script or a book, your logline is built over these 3 key ingredients: protagonist, their goal and the antagonistic force. MORE: On Writing – The ‘3 Cs’ Versus The ‘3 Ps’

2) Tell them who can’t live without it

An idea can fall flat on its face if there’s nobody to enjoy it.

Explain who is going to love what you’re working on and why. Is there a gap in the market? Why does your idea beat your competition? Keep it to just a couple of sentences, it’s got to be short! MORE: Can I Pitch My Unfinished Projects?

3) Prove that you’re “the one”

Anyone could execute an idea and make it a reality – so feel confident about why you are the best person for the job.

One strong line about your experience is often enough. Remember that investors are very cautious about who they give their money to. It’s as much about you as it’s about your idea so make a good impression. MORE: 7 Things Agents, Producers & Filmmakers Can Tell From Your Pitch

4) Leave space for the Q&As

When you’ve drafted your elevator pitch, look at it again to cut it down to the bare bones.

You’re there to answer questions but you’ll struggle to get back their attention if you bore them. Tell them the bare minimum and let them question you on the rest. MORE: How NOT to Pitch Agents – 21 Tips For Writers

5) Be enthusiastic!

The final step to crafting the perfect elevator pitch is in the delivery – you have to be enthusiastic! Smile plenty and show passion about your project. If you’re not excited about it, they won’t be either. MORE: Top 5 Pitching Tips In The Room

Ground Floor

We hope you have fun creating your elevator pitch for your big ideas. You can always practice with people ‘on the ground floor’ to see if your pitch is effective at explaining your idea and intriguing to listen to. Remember: keep it short and make it memorable! Lastly, always have your business card in hand.

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