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Top 5 Beliefs of Fearless Writers

How Would Your Writing Change If You Were Fearless?


Imagine if we could step into the mind of a writer not held back by fear in any way and observe the kind of beliefs that may exist there …

As you read this, ask yourself what could happen if you adopted more elements of this mind-set and how it may impact what you do, how you feel, and your contribution to the world through your writing.

1) Rejection is Not a ‘Thing’

A fearless writer is not seeking approval or acknowledgement from others. He is not writing to please a publisher, producer, editor or perceived audience. He writes purely what he feels inspired to write. He knows that the right people will be drawn to his work. He accepts that ‘some will and some won’t.’ His focus and energy is firmly on creating his best work, he devotes no attention to those who don’t connect with it.

BELIEF 1: ‘I know that the right people will embrace my work at the right time.’ MORE: 5 Ways To Stop Being A Tortured Artist

 2) Vulnerability is Power

A fearless writer is OK with getting vulnerable; in fact she doesn’t even consider what she does to be ‘getting vulnerable’ at all. She has a transparent powerful sense of self that is plain to see and is comfortable with expressing all aspects of herself in her work…the good, the bad, the light and the dark. What may be perceived as raw and vulnerable to others, is simply her normal. There is no fear, she has nothing to hide and knows that she is giving her audience the opportunity to form the deepest connection with her work.

BELIEF 2: ‘It is OK for people to see the true me; the essence that helps others connect to my message, my story, my characters’.

3) Doubt is a Positive Guide

If he ever feels doubt, he channels this into his work as a prompt to make it even better. He is present with all his feelings and sees doubt purely as an element of his emotional guidance system to keep him on track and steer him towards his best work. It gives him an opportunity to reflect upon and reassess his focus or vision.

BELIEF 3: ‘I love and accept all aspects of myself’. MORE: The Truth About Success: 30 Creatives Who Broke In Late


4) No Competition

She doesn’t judge or idolise others. She knows that someone else’s credentials, writing successes, quantity of published or produced works, or the exemplary way they deliver their message has zero impact on her feelings of self-worth and in no way diminishes the value of what she has to share.

Her attention is devoted to expressing her uniqueness. She knows she has something to offer and knows that ‘no one else has ever written this story in this unique way.’

BELIEF 4: ‘I choose to be the best possible version of me in all that I do and know that I have something of value to share’

 5) Failure Doesn’t Exist

A fearless writer knows that writing from the heart cannot feel anything other than successful. He writes and shares because it feels good and is part of who he is, an outlet to express whatever he needs to express. When he does this he is fully present and energised, and failure ceases to exist. It is a feeling that comes from within him, not something that needs to be validated by an external source.

BELIEF 5: ‘Success is who I am’. MORE: How To Make It As A Writer (This Shit Ain’t Accidental).

This is not about acting from ego

A fearless writer is present and focussed on being the best version of herself. She stands firmly in her truth and is therefore in the best position to deliver something of the highest value.

What we say to ourselves matters …

… We believe our own stories! This is why each belief has been written as an affirmation that you could choose to embrace as your own?! Whilst affirmations are effective, they are also just the tip of the iceberg. The real key to transforming our results involves getting to the root of our fears and unlocking the limiting beliefs that created them. When the fear ceases to exist the power of affirmations multiplies.

BIO: Trina J. Stacey is a life coach with more than 10 years’ experience and also happens to be a poet and author. She knows the rollercoaster of emotions that writers pass through. Trina has created a ‘Breakthrough for Writers’ Program for writers who are no longer willing to let their fears get in the way of the success they know they deserve. Contact Trina to find out more or to book a 30 minute complimentary (no obligation) introductory Skype call. Follow her on Twitter as @trinajstacey and get in touch via her WEBSITE or on trinajstaceyATgmailDOTcom.

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Beliefs of Fearless Writers”

  1. Thank you , Lucy. I’m working on my rewrite and battled doubt all evening. I keep telling myself to , “just tell a good story.” Thanks again for being right on time with this article. DMARIAWOODS

  2. Love this, words to live by. There’s a place for me and my writing in the world and when that place is ready for me and I am ready for it we will meet.

  3. Glad you addressed fear. It can stop a creative person in their tracks. But as you pointed out, failure isn’t an option.

    Ran across this quote online earlier this week, though I can’t remember precisely where. Thought I’d share it.

    “Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You can not withstand the storm.’
    The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.'”


  4. My friend Colleen told me about this blog and I just want to thank you so much for the time, effort and energy it must take to write it. I am deeply grateful. I wrote opinion for 4 newspapers over 35 years, including the New York Times (I live about 2 hours from New York) and am venturing into other forms of writing. Your blog has so many resources and is so encouraging that it is a big help. Thank you!

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