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Top 10 Essential Books For Screenwriters

Bang2writers ask me all the time what writing books I recommend to get them started. So, it’s many thanks to Livia today who’s made this GREAT infographic on the writing books!

I recommend most of these on a regular basis, as they are comprehensive and have many useful insights in them. Check out the links after the jump for places to buy them.

Also – extra special thanks though to Livia for including MY book, Writing & Selling Drama Screenplays! If you’re keen on writing a story about an emotive subject or theme for your short film, feature screenplay or TV pilot,  do be sure to check it out.

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The thought of screenplay writing is not easy. It’s an extremely difficult process to get things right. Every element of a script like scene headings, action, character, parentheticals, dialogue and transitions must be prominent to make audience feel, laugh and cry.

The rules and formatting might daunt you in crafting your first script. But, in order to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader! Here are 10 essential screenplays for the aspiring screenwriter. These books help you understand and build strong and creative foundation and offers insights and inspiration for your draft.

Good luck!

  1. William Goldman, Adventures In The Screen Trade
  2. Lajos Egri, The Art Of Dramatic Writing
  3. Karol Griffiths, The Art of Script Editing
  4. David Mamet, On Directing Film
  5. David Trottier, The Screenwriter’s Bible
  6. Syd Field, The Foundations of Screenwriting
  7. Christopher Vogler, The Writer’s Journey
  8. Linda Seger, Making A Good Script Great
  9. Robert McKee, Story: Substance, Structure, Style And The Principles of Screenwriting
  10. Lucy V. Hay, Writing & Selling Drama Screenplays

BIO: This infographic is contributed by Livia Susan, the Co-founder of Lifesaver Essays – Fast Essay Help. Livia and her team of writers help college and university students write custom essays on their specific topics. She believes in improving the study patterns of students and helps them take one step at a time to improve themselves. When she is not working, she loves to write on topics related to technology, education and entrepreneurship.

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