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Focus On Format: All About Title Pages


Use. Your. Title. Page!

I can’t tell you how annoying it is as a script reader to have an inbox full of scripts without names and titles on … It makes them SO hard to keep track of. In the very least, it looks like you don’t know how to use your own software – not a great first impression.

So unless you’re told specifically NOT to add title information, always always fill in your title page with:

  • Your screenplay or manuscript’s title
  • Your name
  • Your email address and mobile number
  • Your agent’s contact details (if applicable)

In this PDF age, I don’t think you need a postal address as well, but if you really want to you can. But DEFINITELY have your own email and mobile number on there.

Oh and it’s a good idea to name your files with your title AND name, by the way. Plus the title information NEVER forms part of the word count, so don’t worry about it.

Please DON’T:

  • Have pictures on your title page
  • Use a fancy font – stick with Courier
  • Use a different colour page
  • Use *any* kind of design – keep it PLAIN

You CAN include a quote on the title page if you really must – though you might want to have it on a blank page on its own. There’s no ‘set way’ to add a quote. But if you’re going to include one? Make sure it EFFING ROCKS!!! Please quit all the random song lyrics and cheesy Bible quotes. JUST DON’T!!

How To Create A Title Page

If you’re using Final Draft, go to the top of your page and select ‘Document’ and scroll down to ‘Title page’. It’s that simple.

If you’re using MS Word, the easiest way to add a title page is just have an extra page at the beginning with your title and name on it. (There are lots of other bells and whistles on it so you can have fancy covers etc but I never bother).

If you’re using another type of software, make sure you find out how to fill your in your title page. It’s not difficult and CAN make all the difference.

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