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8 Stages Writers Go Through Writing A First Draft

So, I’ve been working with a LOT of writers on their first drafts these past few months, both via mentoring schemes like LondonSWF’s Talent Campus, but also with individual writers (if you want to do this too, drop me a line, spots go fast).

It’s fair to say pretty much ALL writers struggle with first drafts!

Now writers may ENJOY the freedom of the first draft, but new writers and more seasoned types may struggle with plotting in particular. Even pro writers have their own issues … I’ve noticed in the last couple of years character motivation can be a real bugbear for pro writers, even for those with hundreds of hours of television produced, or movies with renowned stars. After all, how much is ‘too much’? What is recognisable, yet still fresh? It’s such a fine balancing act.

So when I spotted this great infographic online, I had to share it. Though the creator is a novelist, I recognise many, many parallels with screenwriting too – as I’m sure you will as well.

So, check it out and don’t forget to check out the links below to help with your own drafting woes. Enjoy!


From Natasha Lester, Author

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