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6 Weird Ways To Approach Your Writing

Every writer has his or her own obstacles that impair their work. The common word used to describe this miserable feeling is the author’s block. In most cases, this springs from the author’s state of mind. If you don’t feel well, you can’t write well.

Writing is not about finding the right words. It’s all about dealing with your emotions and desires. If you’re stuck at your last chapter and can’t get that novel done, here’s a helping hand. Check out these 6 (weird) ways to approach your writing:


1.    Don’t Stay in One Place

Changing the location might help you bring the muse back. Travelling is a great way to get out of routine and find something that inspires you. However, it’s not always at hand. If you live in the US and imagine the Eiffel Tower is the right thing to look at while finishing your novel, snap out of it. It’s not going to happen overnight. So, let’s think about something more realistic.

If you can’t stand to look at those dull walls and have the same picture behind your window day by day. Get out of there! Pack your laptop and spend a couple of hours in quiet café where you can chill and type. If you’re a nature person, going out in the park might work for you. Just mind the joggers and dogs.

If you can’t write anywhere else but home, there is still hope for you. Try this: move into a different room when you write. If that option is not applicable, try to change some items around your room. That will give you a sense of novelty.

2.    Make Your Own Awkward Schedule

Many people can’t write during the day. If being a night owl helps you reveal your writing talent, go ahead! No one says there is a right time to write. It’s all about getting in the right mood for writing. If your productivity boost at 1 PM, set your alarm clock at that hour. Likewise, others are more inspired to work at the crack of dawn. Find your most productive hours and try to schedule your activity at that time. Try to set your own working hours and maintain the habit. It might help you finish that chapter at once.

3.    Don’t Just Lie There, Be Active!

It’s easier to be creative when your body is at its best. The physical workout will help you feel more energized and optimistic. Regular exercise oxygenates the brain, and this enhances concentration. You might not be the type of person who spends half an hour a day at the gym, but there are simple things you can do. Take a short break and walk around the neighborhood for 15 minutes. Who knows, you might also find something interesting to spice your writing. There are famous writers who integrate workout in their writing routine. Kurt Vonnegut, for example, stated that he is practicing pushups and sit-ups regularly.

Another activity that will reset your body and freshen the mind is yoga. You can do some stretches and breathing exercises for at least 20 minutes before you start work. It can help you order your thoughts and recharge your battery for the rest of the day (or night).

4.    Write A Lot, Delete Half of It

If you want to become a professional writer, you need to practice a lot. Yes, you definitely must have that spark which most of us call talent. But like any other art, writing requires exercise. A lot of it actually. Many authors formed the habit to write daily. It doesn’t matter if they publish that work or not, it is just for the sake of practicing. Lots of terrific ideas can come out of these exercises. You don’t necessarily need to brainstorm, just sit down and start talking about anything that crosses your mind.

Doing the same while you work at your novel might help. Write whatever comes first. It doesn’t matter if you’ll delete half of it later. It’s useful to put down as many words as you can and make a selection afterward.

5.    Get Inside Your Characters

There are many techniques to improve your writing, and most of them focus on crafting the right characters. Right now, we’re not going into details about what a round or a flat character is. Let’s focus instead on your relationship with the characters. They are your ‘babies’, so you surely tend to care for them and think about them all the time. A tip that might get you new ideas for your novel is to act the monologs and dialogues. It will get you closer to your characters and make your job easier. You already imagine how it’s like to be one of them. Reading their words aloud will take you one step further.

6.    Say No When Everyone Else Says Yes

This is not about showing your bravery or guts. Think about what is commonly acceptable and considered true. Then try to convey the opposite. It’s a useful imagination and logic exercise. Put down some stereotypes and craft their counterpart. This analysis game will help you develop your argumentation skills. Besides, this is what authors do: they explore new patterns and reshape the world into words.

Do you feel more confident about your writing after reading this post? The last piece of advice: don’t panic. You’ll manage to get out of this stage and finish your work. Just try to focus on it and keep an open mind.

BIO: Cassidy Hennigan is a creative writer with a great interest in all aspects of professional development and productivity enhancement. She is also a proud editor for Templates Assistant, where she writes detailed resume & cover letter templates.

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