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INFOGRAPHIC: 25 Proven Strategies To Beat Writer’s Block

I don’t tend to suffer from writer’s block per se, but I do get saturated with expectations (mine and others’) … It means I get overwhelmed by everything I need to do in terms of edits and rewrites and deadlines. Then on top of that I have all my responsibilities and various baggage everyone has and before you know it, my work has ground to a halt. Then it becomes a vicious circle as I get more and more het up, because I feel like I can’t move forward. BLEURGH!!

I love this infographic because it addresses the problem of writer’s block (or whatever you want to call it), plus what may cause it and gives robust potential solutions. It would seem I’m both a ‘Mark Twain and John Steinbeck wannabe’ as I do what these two great writers recommend … Find out what their ideas are, as well as a solution that works for you. Good luck!


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From Visually.

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