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6 Essential eBooks For Writers – For FREE!

Many thanks to Bang2writer Tace Dorris for taking the time to round up some really useful FREE writing resources for us all. She’s tracked down some excellent info, so make sure you download one of these for a little light reading this weekend. Enjoy and over to you, Tace …

ebooksSo, you finally started writing – great! Then you realise you may not have the knowledge needed to create that fantastic script/ novel or blog piece you know you have in you.  Most of us make do with what’s available online and the advice out there can be quite conflicting. Is that a bad thing? No! The wealth of knowledge and guidance offered out on the ‘Information Highway’ is amazing. It can take time finding the good amongst the bad, so I’ve compiled a list of the best FREE online ebooks out there.

So, STOP the struggling, get yourself a wee cuppa and soak up the knowledge and wisdom being given by these E-books authors – for FREE!

1) Write Good or Die – Survival Tips for the 21st Century by Scott Nicholson

An oldie but goodie. An enlightening collection of stories and advice from authors who cross genres and styles. It covers the mere inception of an idea to turning yourself into a self-promoting machine. A few items may now be outdated due to the speed of change, but there is something for everyone in this writers e-book. GET IT HERE.

2) The Divine Guide to Creating a Daily Writing Practice by Pernille Norregaard

Multiple book and screenplay writer, Pernille Norregaard, shares her insights and methods on being consistent with and getting the best out of your writing. A decade into writing Pernille finally found a practice that worked for her. You can take all or nothing from her practice but her guide is divine to read and very inspiring. There is hope! GET IT HERE.

3) The Cambridge Introduction to Creative Writing by David Morley

This large book – over 250 pages – covers all aspects of the writing process and includes different forms of writing. Freelance, poetry, non-fiction, even ghostwriting is covered. This E-book has had over 17,000 downloads so far and is STILL going strong.

Though heavy in certain chapters, it is a wealth of knowledge and insight for ALL writers at ALL stages. It should be on everyone’s shelf (or online library), as a reference book. GET IT HERE.

4) The  B2W Blueprint on How **Not** to Write Female Characters by Lucy V Hay

I wondered why my female characters were lacking or confusing. Why was I – A WOMAN – struggling with writing my own sex?  Here Lucy offers advice and guidance in writing the female character. It discusses The Bechdel Test, Roles, Characters and so much more. Insightful and very helpful in releasing the inner Goddess or Villian on page. GET IT HERE.

5) Nail Your Novel Instant Fix: 100 Tips For Fascinating Characters By Roz Morris

Having trouble with your characters? Here Roz offers guidance, tips and an on-the-go checklist for you to create exceptional people for your novel.

BTW, Roz’s ‘Nail Your Novel’ series, used to be free to download. It’s now only for sale, what does that tell you? It’s worth actual money! So get the Instant Fix, ASAP – HERE.

6) How Did They Write It? By Nathalie @ Mentorless

In the end, the best way to learn how to write is to READ what you WANT to write.  Here the good folks at Mentorless have complied examples and selected extracts from great scripts that answer many screenwriting questions. How do I write that telephone conversation? Do I write in detail about the action? THIS is the e-book for you! GET IT HERE.

By the way …

GREAT free E-books are getting rarer to find online. Many that were free are now SELLING. Maybe not so great for the reader, as WRITERS this is excellent news. Grab those gems of knowledge when you can, learn, write, share, then SELL your own!

BIO: Tace Dorris is a Bang2Write member who has written and produced her own short films and documentaries. Currently in the midst of editing her first feature screenplay. She resides in Central Scotland. Follow her on Twitter >> @tacedorris.

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