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55 Quotes For Writers To Live By

It can be tough being a creative, so we frequently need to look actively for inspiration to keep us going on the path to getting our work finished and submitted.

Quotes are particularly popular on B2W. Whether it’s tricks, tips and reminders we need from published and famous writers; or that talent might be good, but it’s hard work that wins out; or various definitions of success and reframing our mindsets, quotes can remind us we’re not alone and that various others trod this path before us.

So, when I saw this great infographic on Quotery, I figured you Bang2writers would like to check it out. Not every quote in the 55 is about writing, but I figure they ALL apply to the life of a creative in some way. Enjoy!


Infographic source: Quotery

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1 thought on “55 Quotes For Writers To Live By”

  1. I would like to add one. I don’t know who said it but it’s been helping me a lot lately: “Every day starts the night before”. I prepare today out of respect for tomorrow.

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