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8 Tips To Become A More Productive Writer

One of the top questions I get from Bang2writers is, “How do I find TIME to write?”

My answer: you have to MAKE TIME!

Yeah, I get it. There’s never enough time – especially if you have a day job, or a family. This is why you need to come up with a strategy, plus writing goals, if you want to progress. This isn’t to say you have to STICK doggedly to those goals – if you find you change your mind, you can adapt accordingly and keep going. What’s important is creating a FRAMEWORK, rather than crossing your fingers and hoping some of that spaghetti sticks.

Whilst this infographic is bent towards blogging, there’s some great tips here on becoming a more productive writer generally, whatever your medium. Enjoy!

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Infographic Source: How To Make My Blog

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1 thought on “8 Tips To Become A More Productive Writer”

  1. I unplug my router for most of the day so I won’t get distracted. Otherwise the part of my brain that is a child and doesn’t want to work will lead me down a wikipedia wormhole.

    Another thing I do when I’m not quite “feeling it” is to do jumping jacks and yell at myself like a personal trainer: “C’mon man! You’re gonna write this scene! Then the chapter’s halfway done! Yeah! Let’s go!” It may mean I’m nuts but gets me past the lethargy and cobwebs.

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