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7 Ways To Write A Plot Outline

Bang2writers often ask me the “right” way to write a story – whether that’s as a novel or a screenplay (or something else). As far as I’m concerned, **any** way is FINE — just as long as you finish!

One thing that I DO advocate however – whatever medium you’re in – is writing an outline. (And yes, I DO follow my own advice … I’m writing an outline for the plot of my next novel RIGHT NOW in fact!).

Sure, there ARE those lucky writers who find plotting novels and scripts easy to do, unconsciously and good luck to them (bastards). However, from my experience of working with hundreds of writers now, I still believe there is not a writer ALIVE who couldn’t do a “better” job (whether that only means a “faster” job, or *something else*) by just knuckling down and writing that outline!

But writing an outline is hard, which is why of course so many of us DON’T want to do it … So thanks to @nownovel for this great infographic that does a fab job of breaking down the process. Best of luck with yours!

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 Courtesy of: Now Novel
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2 thoughts on “7 Ways To Write A Plot Outline”

  1. This is totally awesome. I often feel like the thing that worked for me last time just isn’t working for me this time, so it’s cool to have a list of stuff to try.

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