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Infographic: Surefire Writing Strategies For Those Who Think They Can’t Write

Many thanks to Stacey Wonder at Essay Tigers for this great infographic and food for thought, today – GREAT way to kick off a rainy Monday!


Having a great idea for a novel or a movie is just the first step to creating one.

The next and the most important step is writing that novel or movie. Do you fear that your work will turn out to be a total disaster … ie. You sit down to start, but all you end up with is a blank page??? Keywords “fear of writing” appears to have 260 monthly searches. This means you’re not alone with your problem.

But why not at least give it a try? One can never be blamed for trying! First, look for some help you may find over the Internet – advice, tips, other beginner author experiences. You can also use the infographic created by the guys from below.

Also, don’t forget that preparation is key:

These three tips have to become a habit for you to see the results. If you read a lot and free-write every day, you will soon start noticing positive changes – the wordflow will become A LOT easier. True story!

To actually ease the writing process look through the strategies in the infographic. The last part of the infographic is a helpful bonus to upgrade your writing – edits you might want to apply after you’ve written the story.

Without further ado, start your novel or screenplay. Give up all the fears and doubts. It will turn out great!

Surefire Writing Strategies
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