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How To Be A More Productive Blogger


We all know that part of “making it as a writer” (whatever that means) is STANDING OUT. If people don’t know about you, or what you do, then putting it simply: you’re at a MASSIVE disadvantage.

Build It And They Will Come

This is where the internet comes in. I’ve literally built my career as a script reader and script editor via this blog, so I know first hand a GOOD platform can not only help, it can bring you the very people you want to work with!

“Productivity”, “blogging” and “success as a writer through blogging” are three frequent searches leading to this blog, so when Jessica from from BloggingBasics101 got in touch with this infographic, I thought it would be of use to you Bang2writers.

Market Yourself AND Your Writing

What I love about blogging is it basically PROVES you know your stuff. If we have an effective blog, it proves we are effective writers. What’s not to like?!?

I’ve been talking a lot lately with writers who want to STAND OUT from their peers. Each time, I’ve recommended they think of themselves as “content marketers” – in other words, PROVE you know what you are talking about and that you’re easy to work with, the people you want will be pulled into your sphere of influence.

No, it doesn’t happen overnight. It can be a frustrating journey where it feels like you’re merely chucking spaghetti at the wall, I get that – especially when you *think* no one is listening. But trust me, more people are listening than you THINK. Keep going!

Be A Better Blogger, Be A Better Writer

What’s more, though the infographic applies predominantly to blogging, it can also relate to good CREATIVE writing in either screenplays or novels, too.

As everyone knows, I’m a big fan of number 4, for example. The 80/20 Rule is also a GREAT way to think when  finding new contacts, too. If you go out there, wanting to HELP others, you’re more likely to find those who will want to help YOU!

Don’t forget: talent is great, but it’s relationships that get you hired. GOOD LUCK!

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