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3 Steps To Reader Proof Your Screenplay

Reader-Proof Your Screenplay

I always recommend Bang2writers reader-proof their scripts. Whilst there are no rules in this screenwriting malarkey, but there are best practices. It should be noted I am talking principally about writing CRAFT here. (There are also lots of format niggly pet peeves that really wind script readers up, which is why I list them all HERE).

But what do I mean when I say writers need to reader-proof their script? More, next.

STEP 1) Wanted: Good Stories, Well Told

First things first. If we want to beat the gatekeepers, it’s very simple. We have to give the readers what they want: a good story, well told. That’s a non-negotiable.

But HOW do we do this?? After all, what “good” stories or even “good” characters can vary, person to person … Is it any wonder the odds are against us??

STEP 2: Understand There Is NO Magic Formula

… Or if there is, it’s not talent or luck-based, it’s just plain HARD WORK! That’s the bad news.

But it’s also the good news, because if you knuckle on down, you DO have every chance of Making It As A Writer (whatever that means).

STEP 3: Decide on your STRATEGY

It’s true certain mediums and markets are more difficult to break into than others. But if you want something? Go for it!

Go wherever your passion lies, whether it’s TV, feature, short, web series, novels.  You need to decide whatever you want AND resolve the pay the price to get it.

“Reader Proof” Your Script!

I talk a lot about “reader proofing” your screenplay. Many writers think this is *just* ensuring you don’t get busted when it comes to screenplay format. Whilst format and presentation *is* part of it, it reader proofing is SO MUCH more!

“Reader proofing” relates to what Script Readers WANT when they open your screenplay. I decided to break down exactly what B2W wants and came up with this infographic, which I broke down into stages:



Lots of writers confuse writing craft with screenplay format. As you can hopefully see from the infographic, there is a BIG difference between screenplay format and craft. (If you’re still not sure what craft entails, CLICK HERE).

As connoted by the diagram, the BIGGER the stage, the more IMPORTANT it is … and check out where Format is!! Oh yes, right at the bottom. That’s not to say Format isn’t important, but there IS a whole swathe of stuff FAR, FAR more important if you want to give that gatekeeper your “good story, well told”!

Want even MORE script reading secrets?

How do IMy sell-out course, BREAKING INTO SCRIPT READING is back!

If you’re interested in becoming a script reader, or finding out more how script readers may assess YOUR own writing – or both! – then this is the course for you.

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