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5 Tips For Screenwriters To Find A Producer (And 3 More On Why You’re Failing)

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So I don’t have to go far on internet-land before I find one of these guys:

WRITER: Tell me how to get a producer???

ME: Sure. Come up with a great concept, make sure you know your audience.


ME: Le sigh. OK, find out what is possible for what £££, then you’re more likely to hit the mark.

WRITER: Fuck that. That’s the producer’s job.

ME: OMFG, fine. Start networking, create some relationships. Find them that way.

WRITER: WTAF??? But I only want to write!!!

So this is me, now …

Look, I get it – I REALLY DO!

It’s not like I’m *not* sympathetic. I remember what it was like in the trenches, trying as hard as you can to find PEOPLE to like you stuff. OH RIGHT – that’s cuz still there myself!!

Believe me when I say: it’s not like you just press a button one day and suddenly: KA-BLAM! You’ve made it as a writer.

As if!

Every time you start a new project, you’re basically RESETTING TO ZERO. And yeah, it’s scary. We all go through it. Yes, even the professionals. You’re only as good as your last project, after all!!! (And what does “good” really mean? Critical acclaim? Money made? Respect of peers? All of this?? More??? OMFG!!!).

These are the facts

But here’s one thing I *can* help you with. Writers frequently tell me they get NO RESPONSE, or the infamous “no unsolicited material” … Or “I can’t read this without a producer/agent/whatever attached” or some other “get out of jail free” card BS that allows people to say “thanks but no thanks” (without actually saying “no thanks”).

Yet, as we all know, Industry Pros are TERRIFIED of missing out on The Next Big Thing. And yep, it totally IS possible to get your screenplay read, even by big shots, without spending money – and without a massive **name** for yourself, agent or platform behind you.

You do this by:

1) Deciding on what your CAREER STRATEGY is.

2) You maintain that strategy, tweaking and changing it according to your goals (which may, or may not change or evolve – that’s fine too)

3) You maximise your portfolio according to that strategy

4) Writing pieces Industry Pros actually want (without selling out)

5) And you query the hell out of EVERYONE YOU CAN.

What happens if you do this? You guessed it …

You’ve made it! (For this time, anyway … Until you RESET TO ZERO!)

But this is the thing …

If you’re not getting ANY traction with your work? Then it’s **probz** 1 of these issues:

i) Your query sucks

This is probably the easiest problem to fix, to be honest. It doesn’t make sense to spend a trillion hours writing your screenplay, only to ensure no one ever reads it cos your query is whack.

So start practicing! Get friends and followers to read your queries. Read about good queries and submission tips. Find out how to make it work. Here’s 3 Tips To Get Your Work Solicited Via Email – And Not Blow It.

ii) Your writing sucks

If people are hearing your logline but not biting, then you concept is most likely your issue I bet. Industry Pros can read great writing WHENEVER THEY WANT. You might not believe that’s true, but it is.

Yet *everyone I know* is always lamenting the fact they rarely see good CONCEPTS in the spec pile, including me. TRUE STORY! Here’s 4 Reasons Your Concept Counts Above All Else.

However, if people *are* reading your script (or at least its first ten pages) but STILL not biting (or giving feedback), then it could be an actual writing craft problem that’s holding you back. In all honesty, this is most likely to be rooted in character and structure. HERE’S WHY.

But if it’s none of these? Then probably …

iii) YOU suck!

How do you come across online? Any clue? Check your online presence, STAT!!! Here’s 5 Ways Writers Kill Their Credibility Online.

Lots of writers know producers, agents, fellow writers Google names, but think how they come across is purely accidental. NEWSFLASH: you CAN tell your story online! HERE’S HOW.

Alternatively, if you’re making it through the door, but then never hearing from people again, you might be interviewing like crap! So here’s 12 Tips For Taking A Meeting.

Remember, it’s ALL ABOUT YOU, writers!

Keep on doing what you’re doing? KEEP ON GETTING WHAT YOU’RE GETTING … For good OR ill!

Now make it count. Go find those producers and don’t blow it.

Good luck!

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