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Infographic: 6 Tips For Writing A Great One Pager

Check out this Infographic!

I love an infographic … They can be a GREAT way to break down useful “How-To” pointers and content, especially if we’re in a hurry. I’ve been asking the talented @edwinatyrrell to convert some of B2W’s most hit articles into visuals for Bang2writers.

Having already converted the How To Write Series Bibles post into an infographic, Edwina has worked her magic again! It’s now the turn of the oft-hit 6 Tips For Writing A One Page Pitch For Your Novel Or Screenplay.

In recent years, one pagers have become more and more important. This is because initiatives, filmmakers, producers, agents and publishers may ask for them …

    • With your cover letter
    • On a script listing site
    • As part of a writing or filmmaking competition entry
    • As part of a writing or filmmaking scheme application
    • At pitchfests
    • For initial queries/script calls
    • On a script listing site

… And MUCH more!! In other words, it NEVER hurts to have a great One Page Pitch ready to go, to help sell your novel or screenplay “off the page”.

More links

If you want to see the original post the infographic is converted from, CLICK HERE or click the infographic itself.

Don’t forget you can also download The B2W One Page Ref Guide (PDF) for free, HERE.

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