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9 Famous Lift Scenes In Movies And TV

Believe it or not, I find myself talking to Bang2writers about lifts (aka elevators) a LOT! So when this infographic on famous lifts from film and TV came through from TK Encasa, I was happy to host it.

But WHY do I end up talking about lifts a lot, you ask?

Well, the contained low budget screenplay means I get a fair amount of short films set in lifts, occasionally some features too (especially Horror, probably thanks to likes of M. Night Shymalan’s DEVIL).

In addition, I frequently have to explain to writers that shooting in lifts on location is not as easy as it looks (many are simply TOO SMALL for the actors *and* camera crew, not to mention the fact many have wall to wall mirrors!).

Also, simply “building a set” for a lift ADDS TO EXPENSE, often taking it out of a low budget film’s means. These two reasons is why we often see characters coming OUT of lifts, rather than inside them!

So, without further ado, cast your eye down these famous scenes (not to mention interesting facts!) – I was especially glad to see the lift scene from DRIVE (2010) mentioned, which also features in my case study of the lead character Driver in my book, Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays. (BTW, you can read an excerpt featuring the Driver case study FREE on B2W colleague Film Doctor’s website, HERE.)


TK Encasa Famous Lifts Outreach

Don’t forget!

thrillerYou can read a FREE excerpt about Driver and the lift from my book Writing & Selling Thriller Screenplays on Film Doctor’s website … CLICK HERE or the pic on the left.




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