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3 Steps To Writing, Editing & Submitting Your Novel

With 2016 off to a great start, I thought now was a good time to launch my author website at, plus you can follow me on Twitter at @LucyVHayAuthor.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve decided write my true love, crime novels from now on, so am looking to make my website all about this fascinating genre. So if you’re a crime writer or novelist? Connect with me – you can become a B2W VIP, by clicking HERE.


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Bang2write is known best for its screenwriting advice, but being a novelist and author myself, I also love to write and read about the art of novels, too.

So, with lots of you Bang2writers out there resolving to write a novel this new year, then – here’s my top tips on getting yours written, edited AND out there! Enjoy …

1) Writing

DYK? Writing a novel is HARD! Le duh. The good news is, there’s a plethora of help online to get us through the process and B2W is no different. Here’s some of the most-hit articles on this site dealing with the many ways, reasons, mistakes and other things we writers have to deal with when diving into our drafts:

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2) Editing

Gone are the days in which authors and novelists could send out first drafts. Nowadays, competition is higher than ever, with harsher standards to be met. If writers want their work to attract agents’, publishers’ or even readers’ critical eyes, then editing our work is a MUST … Luckily, there’s lots of advice out there on the web about this, too and B2W is no exception:

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3) Submitting & Self Publishing

Once upon a time, writers had only one real way “in” to publishing: usually via an agent and a so-called “traditional” deal.

But this has changed in recent years. Authors now have gained more choice on their routes to publishing, thanks to new technology like the Kindle, plus platforms like blogs, Twitter and Facebook to find their audiences. The “indie author”, just like the indie filmmaker, has arrived!

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Social media has also opened up what was previously quite a closed shop: now writers can follow and converse with literary agents and publishers online, meaning there is again HARSH expectations of “proper” submissions practices … But again, subs guidelines are easy to follow, so really there’s no excuse not to do it properly! Here’s the most-hit articles on B2W about novel and agent submissions:

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29 Ways To Find An Agent by Harry Bingham

Good luck!

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