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4 Steps To Building A Successful Freelance Writing Career

More and more Bang2writers contact me saying they want to go freelance. I thought with the new year around the corner, NOW is a great time to looking at building a career in this field. So, if you’re wanting a change and to make your own work, read these great insights from Antonio Tooley.


Want to earn money from your writing online, this new year? Great news – in this world of the web, freelance writers are in demand!

These 4 steps will not only direct you to where you can find the best freelance writing gigs, but they will also help you become a better and more productive writer.

It IS possible to make a living as a freelance writer. The following list contains 4 key steps that will help you launch your freelance writing career, so keep on reading.

1.     Decide what Sort of Freelance Writing Fits Your Skills Best

While you are more than welcome to take a stab at each one listed here, you may be better off choosing just one of two of the following types of freelance writing:

  • Web Content Writing – This type of writing is focused towards creating content with which the companies will populate their websites and blogs, and which features promotional content, as well as articles and guides containing information which readers can actually use. Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Problogger are great places to find web content writing gigs.
  • Copywriting – Although there are some similarities between web content writing and copywriting, the latter requires the writer to be extremely creative in order to be able to come up with original copy that is supposed to persuade the visitor to take action and purchase an item or a service a certain company offers.
  • Technical Writing – Technical writers need to be able to write about complex and highly technical topics, but in a way that can be understood by your average reader. This usually involves writing instruction manuals, guides, or technical descriptions.
  • Business Writing – This requires you to write on everything that can be used to help a certain business, which can be anything from writing brochures, sales pitches, press releases, speeches, reports, or even business proposals. It requires you to be a fast learner and a versatile writer.
  • Newspaper and Magazine Writing – Even as the number of printed publications is dwindling, there is plenty of work in store for you if you are a journalist. Most publications have realized the potential of migrating online, which means they are in constant need of skilled writers which are also able to stick to deadlines.
  • Academic Writing – This also includes writing research and thesis papers, essays, dissertations and any other type of academic writing. The best place to look for gigs if you’re an essay writer would be EduGeeksClub, which is an established brand in the industry.
  • Ghostwriting – Even though you might not receive any credit as a ghostwriter, there are plenty of opportunities to write articles, blog posts, and ebooks, and earn a substantial salary along the way. Check out Elance if you are interested in your first ghostwriting gig.

Top Tip: While it’s wise to pick a certain writing niche and become a master of it, you should always look for jobs in more places than one, as it increases your chances of getting hired and finding the most reputable clients. MORE: How Do I Become A Freelance Writer?

2.     Build a Strong Portfolio

Instead of scoring as many gigs as possible in order to earn more, focus on building your portfolio instead. Why? Because that’s the first thing you will present to your clients. Low-paying gigs aren’t going to do much for your reputation anyway. Having a great portfolio is also invaluable if you are looking for long-term clients which are able to pay you more.

Top Tip: In the beginning, accept gigs which really show off your writing chops, and which you would be proud to put in your portfolio, even if it means doing work for less money, or for free. MORE: Want to write a guest post for B2W? Check out the submissions guidelines, here


3.     Be Disciplined and Motivated

Freelance writing requires you to be driven and self-motivated, because you are the person responsible for finding new work, keeping track of your finances, and creating your own schedule. All this can be a real blessing, but only if you are truly committed.

Top Tip: Create writing schedule and stick to it no matter what. It will help you become a more productive writer. MORE: 5 Habits Of highly Productive Writers

4.     Remember, There Is More to Life than Just Work!

Make sure to make room in your life for your family and friends. Also, try and maintain an active social life, as you are sacrificing some of it by working from home. You need to unwind every once in a while if you don’t want to burn out completely!

Top Tip: Limit the amount of hours you’ll spend working, or join a co-working community which gathers other freelancers. MORE: 43 Famous Writers Share Their Secrets Of How To Be Happy

Remember too: even though freelance writing does allow for a great deal of flexibility, a little discipline, structure and dedication will go a long way in helping you jumpstart your freelance writing career.

Good luck!

BIOAntonio is a blogger and a consultant who provides writing assistance to job seekers. He loves writing about marketing, education and productivity. He’s also crazy about riding his bike and bumping into new people (when he’s on foot). He will be happy to meet you on Facebook and Twitter.

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