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Why So Alike? 8 Book Cover Twins

We’re **all** aware of the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but fact is, we all DO. Bad cover art or design WILL put readers off – that’s just a sad fact of life!

That’s why I’m SO proud of both the covers in The Decision Series, done by the amazing Peter at Bespoke Designs. Both my covers are dynamic, eye-catching and totally unique, whilst still drawing attention to the fact they’re in the same storyworld.

So, many thanks to Steve at Fresh Essays, who’s been in touch with this fab infographic below on the similarities between many traditionally published book covers — wow!

There’s some real food for thought here on how bestselling books can impact on the mainstream; how colours, stock photos and other such things can really impact on potential reader perception.

I’d already noticed the effect Fifty Shades Of Grey has had on various erotic and steamy books, but I hadn’t clocked some of the others … Definitely worth thinking about, especially if you’re self publishing. Enjoy!

Book Cover Twins
What would YOU do, if you could live ALL your next possible choices?

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