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Unusual Jobs Of Famous Writers

Many thanks to Unplag, who’ve been in touch with this great infographic on the unusual jobs famous writers have taken before they made it as an author. I think Jack London wins with “oyster pirate!”

Not sure I can claim FAME yet on the same level as these guys below, but I *have* had my fair share of unusual and menial jobs!

I’ve been a costume worker (dressed as a bear and a gnome, no less!); a cashier;  a waitress; a garage attendant; I’ve also worked in payroll, in an ice cream parlour, a waffles joint and a doughnut place. I’ve even been a skittles stacker!

The best job I’ve ever had is a tie between the ones I have now – script editing and writing. You can check out my books, HERE.

So don’t forget, if you haven’t given up your day job yet, don’t despair – you’re still on your journey, so keep on keeping on! Don’t forget to check out B2W’s other infographics at the bottom of this post. 

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Writers’ weird jobs before they made it

If you need to make your living, you’re ready to take practically any job. To become a real writer who enjoys his life and writing career, you need to walk a long journey. And work hard. However, thanks to famous writers now you know that it’s absolutely possible to walk per aspera ad astra (Lat. “through hardships to the stars”).

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