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3 Reasons To Back Up Your Screenplay Or Novel

Many thanks to Thomas from online backup company IDrive for getting in touch with B2W with this exciting news … IDrive online backup is offering Bang2writers VIA THIS POST ONLY an exclusive 75% off on the first year of their backup solution (1TB) for only $14.88!*

In light of this deal, IDrive wanted to share why online backup is not only helpful to the writing process, but essential to keeping your work safe in the modern world. (*Use Dropbox already? Then check out IDrive compares below, or see the IDrive Dropbox comparison page).

I think this is a fab deal — like most writers, I can never have enough space!!! If you take advantage, let us know what you think in the comments below this post. Enjoy!

Use Dropbox already? Check out IDrive’s comparison page, link below

There’s nothing worse than working hard on a script or novel only to lose it when your computer crashes, except perhaps the anxiety leading up to the crash, knowing it’s going to happen to eventually.

Viruses, theft, water damage, hardware failure, fires. The list of potential threats to your computer goes on, so it’s essential to keep your work saved elsewhere. The best option is saving to the cloud, where your data will be safe and easily accessible from anywhere.

So here’s 3 great reasons why it’s SO important to back up your work:

1) Security

Online Backup services not only keep your data safe so you can restore it from the cloud after a crash, they also encrypt your data so online theft is no longer a worry.

Cloud backup also comes in handy for writers who want to keep track of multiple drafts. When your script gets sold, for instance, other hands might make changes to it, and you might need to fend off a dispute about who wrote what when. You also might just want to see what you wrote before major changes were made. Luckily, some backup services save multiple versions of your files, so you can refer back to past drafts. MORE: 10 Ways To Make A Good Impression As A Writer

2) Accessibility

For writers, work often comes whenever inspiration decides to strike. That’s why being able to work on-the-fly is essential.

With cloud backup, you can access your script on any device linked to your account. But be careful. Some services will charge you extra money per extra device, which can get costly considering many people own at least 3 devices. MORE: 4 Indispensable Social Media Platforms For Writers

3) Peace of mind

In the age of technology, the things we’re cherish most are often digital. That means we can access and share them easier than ever before. But it also means we can lose them instantly and forever.

Cloud backup is the safety net onto which our data lands if our computer crashes. It’s the solution to modern day tech-anxiety. Whether it’s your screenplay, or family photos, or sensitive tax documents, your data will be safe with online backup. MORE: 3 Quick, Useful And FREE Ways For Writers to Stay Up-To-Date

Bang2writers, backup All Your Data for Under $15 via this post!

There are many backup options out there, but we recommend IDrive.

They offer one of the securest solutions out there, but also have one of the most affordable pricing plans thanks to their unlimited backup model.

IDrive offers:

  • Unlimited backup for any number of devices, with no extra charge per device
  • Military grade 256-bit AES encryption with an optional private key
  • PC, Mac, iOS, and Android compatibility410431-idrive-express

“But I use Dropbox already …” ??

Many of you might use Dropbox. Check out IDrive’s Dropbox comparison page and you’ll see they offer the same filing syncing as Dropbox, so that your files and folders are synced in real time across all the devices you link to your IDrive account. But they also offer the following features that Dropbox doesn’t:

  • Mobile backup
  • Much cheaper Basic and Business pricing plans
  • Super secure Private Key encryption
  • Multiple computer backup with basic plans
  • More space for their free account

IDrive is offering Bang2writers 1TB of backup space for just $14.88. That’s ample space at price you won’t find elsewhere. Don’t wait until your computer crashes!

To take advantage of this deal, CLICK HERE and backup your writing today!

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