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Are YOU A Grammar Nerd? Find Out …

Many thanks to Grammarly, who have been in touch with this fab infographic, The Anatomy Of A Grammar Nerd. I love it and if anyone says “irregardless” around me?? I WILL PRESS THE RED BUTTON AND KILL US ALL. See below for more!

Good grammar, spelling and punctuation can be a constant challenge to writers and readers alike, so it’s really important to ensure you can get a handle on this small, but significant element of writing. Check out these previous articles on B2W here for more:

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2 thoughts on “Are YOU A Grammar Nerd? Find Out …”

  1. Semi-nerd. I do own Grammarly, freak out at words like “irregardless” and correct people’s grammar for a living (ESL teacher). But I haven’t made my peace with all commas, I hate the Oxford comma, and I prefer who over whom. 😀

  2. Also semi-nerd. I own Grammarly, am eternally single *weeps* and also used to correct other people’s grammar for a living. Thankfully not anymore! I got depressed the only colour I could use was red.

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