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Top Tools Of 8 Famous Writers

I love this infographic from – I started on a typewriter, aeons ago: it was an Olivetti Lettera 35! What was particularly annoying about typewriters (slipping into old folk mode now kids) was you had to hit the keys hard and there was always a chance of getting your fingers caught between them and ripping a cuticle back. Ouchy. Also, the ribbons were a pain in the ass and duplication (beyond photocopying!) was difficult: you could use carbon paper between two sheets, but the second copy always ended up wobbly. And no such thing as delete: it was tippex or bust! You youngsters have NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD, haha.

What do you use, to write?

Nowadays, I like to use good ol’ fashioned notebook and pen, so I was pleased to see some of my favourite writers (below) do the same! But for me, the notebook can’t be a lined one, oooooh no!!! I also have to write with a black pen too (NEVER blue! gag), plus the important bits I will highlight (usually pink, whoops sorry) … The highlights make sense to me, but probably not anyone else. I also like to doodle and you can usually find various sweary notes to self next to various asterisks. In short, my work is usually a colossal lo-fi mess, but I guess it helps ‘cos I’ve written a bunch of books now, check ’em out HERE or click the pic below.


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