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The Habits Of Successful Writers

Do you have any writing habits? Do you drink coffee or tea while writing your next story? Have you ever thought how this habit can influence your writing, or whether it influences your writing at all?

Let’s take some famous writers, such as Jack London, Mark Twain, or Jane Austen for example: it’s not difficult to suppose all of them had writing habits and some of those habits were hard to call ordinary!

Did you know that Victor Hugo wrote naked …  Or that Honore de Balzac drank 50+ cups of coffee daily and chewed coffee beans to concentrate on his writing? Can you find a rational explanation of such weird habits? Could the habit of Edith Sitwell influence the quality of her writing by lying in a coffin? Yikes!

This infographic from Bid4Papers is based on the habits of famous authors and is an attempt to understand their motivation behind such behavior. But even if your own writing habit is not as weird as keeping rotten apples under your desk (Friderich Shiller!), it does not mean it can’t influence your writing: for example, a long walk increases your brain volume, plus drinking tea helps you stay focused.

Try to find your favorite writer in this infographic. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn some interesting and unexpected details about their habits or better still, some inspiration for your own writing. Good luck!


BIO: Lesley Vos is a novice writer and a blogger at Bid4Papers. She is honored to be a contributor to many great blogs, and she can’t imagine her pastime without reading a good book. Contact her on Google+ or LinkedIn.

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