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5 Killer Social Media Marketing Errors

Social Media offers up BRILLIANT opportunities to writers and filmmakers in getting themselves and their work known, but unfortunately there are still some out there dropping serious clangers and isolating their potential target audiences. Here’s a short but sweet post from Kateline, detailing the killer social media marketing errors she made when she launched her campaign, plus plenty of linkage to more articles on this subject. Thanks Kateline! Enjoy everybody and best of luck getting your work and message out there!

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I’m a huge fan of social media marketing: it really IS a great, free way of advertising and getting one’s brand out there! But, like many, I began my social media marketing campaign with great gusto … Only to have it fall totally flat. I DIDN’T get tons of new customers! WTH?

It took a while to figure out where I had gone wrong, but here you go Bang2writers … Learn from these five killer social media marketing errors I made:

1. Focusing too much on “hype”

Sales, discounts, special offers and the greatness of my product was a huge mistake. My posts sounded more like testimonials than good information and/or education. As a result, I didn’t attract followers who then shared because I didn’t have any quality content to offer. When you post, be very careful. Your goal might be sales and profit, but their goals are to learn, be engaged and see creative writing that they really want to read and share with others! TIP: If you can’t be creative, humorous, and engaging, hire someone who can! MORE: You Get What You Give: Best Social Media Best Practices

2. Lack of Personalisation

My first efforts were really stale, cold, dry, and impersonal. I wrote very formally and didn’t reveal anything about my company, my employees, or my organizational culture. When you sound stiff and “standoffish,” you kill any interest readers may have in getting to know you, your brand, and your company any better. This goes for web content too, by the way. Followers really want to get to know you, so “let your hair down” without being offensive! MORE: Making Connections, Self Promotion And Building Relationships

3. Spreading Yourself Too Thin

When you start a social marketing campaign,  first pick two or three sites. Trying to spread yourself too thin in the beginning means that you won’t do anything really well. You can always expand once you get the hang of it all and you are comfortable with creating a lot of variety in your posts. MORE: 4 Indispensable Social Media Platforms For Writers

4. Posting the Same Content on Multiple Sites

You may have followers on several sites, so cross posting is fine BUT you will still have to learn how to promote the same products and/or services in many different ways. If followers see the same text on multiple sites, they’ll get bored with you and it all begins to look a lot like spamming! MORE: Congratulations! You’ve Totally Just Shot Yourself In The Foot

5. Never Asking Your Followers to Make A Purchase!

I loved posting fun stuff and I loved engaging in dialogue with followers … But there was a problem. I never presented any “calls to action” to my followers! Sometimes, simply asking followers to make a purchase is the quickest way to getting a paying customer! Doh! MORE: Connecting With Writers, Agents & Filmmakers Online

I know I am not finished making mistakes. However, I do know this much: I am getting better at this whole social media marketing venue and sales are increasing. My learning curve is getting shorter all the time and yours will do the same. Take these tips to heart and get out there!


BIOArmed with a Master’s in Journalism and strong wanderlust, Kateline Jefferson set out to explore exotic places, financed by her freelance writing. She is now a regular blogger for Premier Essay and sells feature articles to English-speaking publications around the world.

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2 thoughts on “5 Killer Social Media Marketing Errors”

  1. These 5 errors used in social media marketing is used very often i feel. Mostly it feels like most markets hype to much about something which makes us overhype for something not worth it.

    1. I think Kateline offers a useful refresher here, especially considering the number of mistakes I see daily on social media. Like anything, it’s often obvious to only those in the know already 🙂

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