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Want A FREE Podcast On Writing The Thriller Genre?

We interrupt this Scriptchat Sunday to make you the following offer!!! Read on to find out how to get this free podcast …

Want to write a Thriller screenplay? Well the industry want them … especially if they’re low budget, with a kickass central concept. You SHOULD be writing Thrillers!

But maybe you JUST DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START and you want some inspiration? Maybe you have no idea what separates Thriller and Horror; or why your Thriller feels like a drama? Maybe you want to avoid typical stories and problems in the thriller spec pile; or maybe you’re unsure of why your non linearity’s not working …

… No problem – I got you covered, screenwriters!

I’ve got a podcast here of me talking, in detail, at London Screenwriters’ Festival 2013 about the Thriller genre and all the above problems AND MORE.

Here’s what you do to get it:

1. Go to my Amazon page – find it HERE (or click on the pic below)

2. Tweet or share FROM my Amazon page – pick ANY of my books and click one of the share buttons, to your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. (If you want to share more than one, please do! It would help me a whole lot with my Amazon rankings).

Can’t see the share buttons? They’re in the bottom right of the screen, look:

Sharing buttons are under the buy column on the right of the Amazon page

3. EMAIL ME – subject line, “Shared” and I’ll email you the link to the podcast.

That’s it! That’s all you need to do!

But hurry! This offer expires November 30th, 2014 and the Thriller podcast will NOT be available on the B2W resources page. So, please tell all your writerly friends!

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