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4 Things I Learned As B2W Intern by Luke Kondor

Alas, the one of Kondor depart today –  Luke has written some GREAT copy for B2W on transmedia, marketing and indie storytelling and really shown us all what’s-what in the opportunities at our fingertips this summer, catch up on all his articles HERE. Please wish him the very best of luck in his new endeavours, Bang2writers! Best of luck Luke in your fab new job in London!Print

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I’m done. I’m out. I’m finished.

I’ve been here for a short while, but boy I learned a lot.

When I first e-mailed Lucy to apply for the internship, I never thought she’d pick me. I was just some face in a sea of folk more talented than myself. So when I got the e-mail saying I’d got the job, I had a bit of a crisis of confidence.

‘But I don’t know anything,’ I thought to myself.

But when I got down to it I just focused on what I knew, what I was passionate about and what I wanted to share with the amazing Bang2writers out there.

The major boon of interning at Bang2Write, for me, has been one of confidence. I can do this and I will!

Before I left, I wanted to quickly talk to you about the four big things I noticed whilst working here:

1) There’s Too Much Info Out There

Every man and his dog and his dog’s dog has a blog nowadays. It’s easy to get lost out there in the cyber-storm of info so you need a guiding light. You need someone to lead you to the right info – to the good stuff. The Bang2Writers Facebook group is great example of this. It trims out the internet fat to deliver you tasty and healthy meaty information treats.

2) There’s More Info Than Willpower

We have it so easy these days. The information is right at our fingertips and yet we’re not all superstars. What’s happening? There’s thousands of pencils out there but how many great illustrators are there?

The tools are within arm’s reach, but you’re the one (yes you) who are going to have to get out of bed and use the darn things. Your Success Is Your Own Responsibility.

3) Bang2Writers Are Awesome (and could possibly one day take over the world!)

I’ve noticed that the people who come to Bang2Write are the top – the creamy top – of the upcoming writers. From where I’m looking you’re hard-working, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, badasses, and it won’t be long till we see more of you suddenly take off and explode like the fireworks you are.

4) Lucy V Hay Cares For You

Something that became apparent early on in my internship was just how much Lucy cares for you guys. She honestly wants to help you guys take it to the next level. She’s as authentic as they come and she deserves one helluva round of applause.

So thanks again Lucy from me as an intern, but also from me as a reader – a Bang2Writer. Here’s a list of all my articles for B2W again, HERE.

If you guys would like to follow me in my exploits, then you can keep in touch with me over at LukeofKondor where I podcast, blog, make films, and write books.

Thanks again,


BIO: Luke Kondor writes stories and make films and stuff. Underdog style. When he’s not interviewing storytellers on his podcast, he’s working on his book of short stories. He blogs. He tumbles. He tweets at @lukeofkondor. Join his super special mailing list and he will consider you a true friend for the rest of time.

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2 thoughts on “4 Things I Learned As B2W Intern by Luke Kondor”

  1. Luke, I wish you the BEST of luck, not that you’ll need you, you are awesome. I’ve enjoyed your articles and learned so much from you. Thank you for everything!

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