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Script Readers Are Not Gatekeepers

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NEWSFLASH: there are more screenplays & manuscripts doing the rounds than anyone can read, EVER. A lot of script readers are interns, or submissions are farmed out to readers like B2W. This means your submission **could** be in the hands of someone just starting out, or it could be someone more experienced.

But whatever the case, your work may well be read by someone with just a transient connection to the place you’ve submitted to. What’s more, outsourced readers like B2W may never have met the companies/people they’re reading for AT ALL! So this means the reader is actually not a “gate keeper” in real terms. It’s true: s/he COULD be marking time … OR s/he could actually WANT to find a great story!!

Script reading is an entry level job. This means it’s often something people do because they *have* to. But script readers don’t want to impress their bosses (quite frankly, if that prodco or agent doesn’t like their script reports?? With more submissions than can ever be read = PLENTY MORE WHERE THOSE CAME FROM!!), but ‘cos most people want to take pride in their work.

You can see this as depressing or liberating … So, what’s it to be?

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