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Bang2writers, meet Luke Kondor, this year’s B2W intern!

Congratulations and HELLO to the new B2W intern, Luke Kondor!!! As well as sounding like a character from Game of Thrones, Luke will be blogging on the main site each week, plus sourcing links and facilitating chat for you on the Facebook page. Luke’s specialty is Transmedia, which I think will prove a real education to many of us. Please give him a warm welcome! Follow Luke on Twitter HERE or click his rather dapper pic at the bottom of this post.

BTW, If you’re missing MY #scriptchat post this sunday, never fear – my witterings have moved over to the B2W newsletter, which you can sign up for on the right hand sidebar (if you haven’t already), or click on the pic below – this week I’m talking about how Stereotypes and Archetypes are often confused in critiques, which muddies the waters further in the representation debate. You’ll also find a whopping SIX script, novel and writing leads on the newsletter too. GET IT NOW.

SO, Luke Of Kondor – I annoint thee knight of the B2W realm!! Over to you …

Stop confusing “stereotype” & “archetype” – click the pic to find out how

It’s 05:43am and I’m tired.

I’m sitting at my desk, wrapped in my dressing gown. Sleep on my eyes. My hands are warming against a fresh cup of coffee. The smell wakes me more then the taste. I think about getting back into bed, snuggling into the covers and getting some more sleep before heading off to work. I don’t do that, because that’s a luxury I can’t afford.

I can’t afford it, because I’m a writer. Worse then that, I got inspiration … I’m riddled with it. I have stories to write, films to make, projects to produce, podcasts to record, and because I work in an office Monday to Friday, I have to do my real work in the hours around my job.

I write therefore I am. I also work in IT, so I guess I’m that too. And sometimes I eat. We verb, therefore we noun.

Lucy has given me the opportunity to talk to you guys through this wonderful platform called Bang2Write. I’m going to spend some time talking to you about storytelling in the modern world … for the most part anyway.

Before all of that, it’s customary for interns to introduce themselves, so here’s ten parts that make the whole of me.

1. I wrote and performed a stand up comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was average at best, badly reviewed, and due to a strict diet of 10p noodles and an asthma attack, it almost killed me.

2. I got a 2:2 in Interactive Media Production. I wanted to make a film for my final project, to which my teachers sighed and said you need to make something interactive. I made an interactive film.

3. I believe that the key to any success I’ve had in the past few years is due to finding a partner in crime who makes me tea, cuddles me, and calms my mind.

4. I also believe that modern storytellers are post-medium. We’re allowed to jump between writing films, comics, novels, and still maintain a clear consistent voice.

5. I grew up in a house of dogs. An army of border collies, who I’d spend more time with then people. At one time I convinced myself that I had a psychic connection to one of them.

6. Humans are a unique mess of ideas, experiences, and feelings. Occasionally we find something that resonates – a story, a poem, a song, a picture. Whatever it is, I believe we should do whatever we can to make more of it.

7. I believe that we’re in a new age of storytelling. One where artists can find their audiences, source their funds, and ship their art direct to the customer.

8. I’m skeptical about everything and anything, but at the same time I’m desperate to find some sort of faith or magic in the world. This is the basis for everything I do.

9. I go through bouts of hyper activity and fungus-like idleness. I’m sure there’s a balance in there somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet.

10. With every story I write or film I make I find a little more of myself. One day, with a bit of luck, I’ll know who I am.

I’d love to hear more about you too. Who are you? What are you working on? Talk to me.

10361055_10152460612687682_4015069592468190677_nBIO: Luke Kondor writes stories and make films and stuff. Underdog style. When he’s not interviewing storytellers on his podcast, he’s working on his book of short stories. He blogs at He tumbles at He tweets at @lukeofkondor.

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