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4 Reasons To Apply For B2W Social Media Intern by Daisy Martey

So, it’s that time of year again when I go recruiting so I can offer up the blog and the B2W social media network to someone else over the summer! If that sounds like something that would interest you, read on for last year’s social media intern Daisy and what she got out of the opportunity … If you’re interested in applying, please make sure you check out the info/follow the submission guidelines at the bottom of the post. Any other questions about the internship, please don’t email: tweet me with them or leave them on the Facebook wall. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Last year I had the privilege of being the Bang2Write social media intern. I almost didn’t apply, thinking that internships were for young whippersnappers only. But I did, and after one coffee in Victoria with the High Priestess herself, I was in. And it pretty much improved every aspect of my writing career. So, in the spirit of Bang2Write’s signature style, here are 4 reasons you should apply for this brilliant opportunity.

1) You Will Learn

Without a doubt, I learnt more about the writing industry during my time as Bang2Write intern than I did during both of my writing degrees. Having access to what is happening in the industry in real time is an experience you can’t get in a lecture theatre. You want to know what being a real life writer really looks like? Apply.

2) You will be given a platform to showcase your voice

As you know, Bang2Write often focuses on women and teen mothers in a way that other sites do not. That’s her schtick. Mine? Women of colour. As Bang2Write intern I got to discuss the underrepresentation of people of colour on screen on an almost daily basis. Sometimes I didn’t get a great response, most of the time I did, and I learnt a hell of a lot along the way about how to get your point across effectively. The words “Thank you for your feedback” will become your armour. Suit up!

3) You will become part of a community

Writing is a lonely biz, with rejections and disappointment lurking in most corners. The best thing by far about being the B2W intern was the opportunity to get to know other Bang2Writers. They’re a mad, passionate bunch who will support you every step of the way. Just don’t talk about Doctor Who. Seriously.

4) You will be presented with lots of new opportunities

Being the B2W intern quite literally changed my career. As a result of writing lots of articles and being given an online platform, I then went on to work for the London Screenwriters’ Festival, and at the festival got to interview Ben Stephenson (BBC Drama Controller), and run the Doctor’s script to screen session. This led to me making some excellent contacts at the BBC, and getting producers/editors to read my work.

And if all this isn’t enough, you get to work for Lucy. Lucy, who will back you up, give you advice, and become a champion of you. I was terrified when I first started as the intern (I still don’t really get the whole Pinterest thing), but Lucy was there for me every step of the way. She became not only someone I relished working for, but also a friend.

You’ve got all that and more to look forward to if you apply. So, what are you waiting for?

BIO: Daisy Martey is a screenwriter and playwright from London. She has been short-listed for the Red Planet Prize and BAFTA Rocliffe New Writer’s Forum. Prior to becoming a writer, Daisy worked in the music industry for over 10 years as an acclaimed recording artist/songwriter and until 2005 was the lead singer for Morcheeba, who have sold over six million albums worldwide. She is represented by the JFL Agency

Interested in applying?

Want to see the type of thing Daisy did? Check out last year’s job description HERE and Daisy’s article, 10 Things I Learnt As The B2W Intern.

Please submit the following:

– Your name
– Your contact details (inc Twitter & FB links, plus any others)
– 250-300 words MAXIMUM on who you are; why you feel you would benefit from a social media internship at B2W and what you can offer to the Bang2writers
– Up to 3 links to articles which showcase your writing skillz
– Send to only, with subj line: B2W INTERN

FYI – This internship is flexible re: timings & can be conducted remotely; it is unpaid – I am not paid to run this site myself and have no sponsors. I’m particularly interested in hearing from applicants who are novelists this year; plus those who are interested in social media best practice / new approaches. I also welcome voices marginalised by the media, including (but not limited to) people of colour; teen parents; people aged 40+ especially women; people with disabilities and/or chronic conditions; or people from the LGBT community. Many thanks!


Deadline: 5pm (GMT), Friday June 13th 2014

Nothing else please – NADA. NOWT. ZIP.

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