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B2W Round Up: Happy Easter!

So, HAPPY EASTER! I know you’re all busy today shoving chocolate down your gobs, so here’s a handy round up of various things you may have missed in the last couple of weeks out on the wildnerness of the B2W social network:

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Cross Posting

So recently I’ve discovered Tumblr in a big way … I’ve actually been on the site for YEARS but never really understood how to utilise it properly for the B2W social network, other than cross posting links on the B2W Tumblr Blog. Anyway, turns out there’s LOADS about writing on Tumblr (doh!) and I’ve submitting articles to various great sites, some of them below):

FuckYeahCharacterDevelopment has published one of my most hit B2W articles on characterisation, “5 Ways Writers Screw Up Their Characters“. In the article I break down how writers often booby-trap their own writing (especially plotting) by trying to make us “care” about their characters. Enjoy!


Another great Tumblr blog, The Writing Café, has published my latest B2W post about being your own worst enemy as a writer.  Are you on Tumblr? It’s a great resource for writers, check it out … and here’s B2W on Tumblr if you want to follow (you know you do).

1506533_653525671352586_185796229_nIn addition, my agent, Blake Friedmann, has reblogged my article “What Is Transmedia?” So if you’re wondering what Transmedia is and how you use it to your OWN project’s advantage, make sure you take a look! Here is also a Storify of LIZZIE’S DIARY, instalments 1-4, which ran during March as part of the distribution campaign for THE DECISION. If you want quotes, pics, polls, links, articles and more about issues concerning teenagers and young people, then make sure you follow The Decision Book Series on Facebook and on Twitter as @LizziesDecision (follow Blake Friedmann as @BFLAgency). If you are already, please help get the word out by sharing and RTing. Thanks! 😀

Free Podcast To Download


I’m interviewed on the Writers’ Rebellion podcast with Chris Bell! We chat about traditional publishing versus self publishing; fiction versus non fiction; writing processes; challenging yourself as a writer; turning novels into screenplays AND MORE. Download it NOW!

My Next Appearance IRL


I’ll be with Kamera Books talking Thriller Screenplays at The St Alban Film Festival on Saturday, May 3rd! There’s a brilliant list of GREAT talks, workshops & Q&As … I’ll also be joining Script Advice Writers’ Room’s head honcho Yvonne Grace and BAFTA Rocliffe Forum‘s Farah Abushwesha. Can’t wait! 😀 Download the festival schedule HERE or click the banner above to go straight to the site.

Here’s A Preview Of @LizziesDecision

Lizzies_Story_Kindle_JPEG““Oh God, Lizzie. Lizzie!”

There was a crash as the door yielded and Dad was in the room. I was only peripherally aware of him and the fact I didn’t even have anything on my bottom half, yet for some reason I didn’t even care, when normally I would be mortified. But in the here and now, all I could concentrate on was the blackness that threatened to invade me: I knew I had to keep it away or I would be lost.

I tried to stand, but my knees buckled. Dad grabbed me and wrapped me in a towel, running out on to the flat balcony with me in his arms like a small child. He was shouting, pleading, but his voice seemed so far away. There were more shouts and slammed doors and Flo’s husband Jonno was out on the balcony, yelling for Pablo who came running in a dressing gown and slippers, holding keys to one of the hotel vans.

Dad grabbed them and shoved me in the passenger’s seat, turning the key in the ignition, all the time saying to me, “You’ll be okay, baby. You’ll be okay.” And I wondered why he would say that because it was obvious I was losing the baby and then I realised he was talking to me. Then I passed out.”

From my novel, THE DECISION: LIZZIE’S STORY, available now. “Like” The Decision Book Series on Facebook and/or follow @LizziesDecision on Twitter.

So, Friend me on Good Reads!

Oh btw, I’m on Good Reads now. I blog stuff on there about my own writing and will be hosting various giveaways, Q&As, etc. So here I am, come and join me! 

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