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5 Reasons Why Theatre Is A Writer’s Best Friend

If you’re feeling frustrated about rejections or getting a “way in” to the industry, then today’s short but VERY sweet post from Carla offers some GREAT food for thought on getting a foot in the door via writing for theatre … Also, make sure you check out the new playwriting award from Theatre503. Enjoy!

Theatre is a great way to get your work out there and there are some fantastic opportunities for emerging writers. Over the past two years I have been developing a play with Theatre503, a new writing theatre in south London and found the experience invaluable. Here below are 5 reasons why theatre can offer so much to writers.

1. It’s accessible

Unlike many film production companies, London has a variety of new writing theatres that accept unsolicited plays – The Royal Court, The Bush, Soho Theatre, The Finborough, Hampstead Theatre as well as companies like Paines Plough and Out of Joint. Theatre503 goes even further and offers writers regular opportunities to get their work on stage through their Rapid Response Writer Nights and they now have a Playwriting Award. New writing theatres positively encourage writers at the beginning of their careers.

2. You can be really adventurous

Theatre is unique in that you can be really adventurous in how you tell the story. There are a range of forms and styles and nothing is too out there. As long as it is a good story well told, the potential for creative expression is huge (even on a limited budget)!

3. Real people in the room

There’s nothing like theatre. It’s a truly dynamic art form. Theatre gives you the opportunity to try things out ‘on the floor’ with actors and director and this helps you develop your work through the rehearsal process which is invaluable in strengthening your practice as a writer.

4. The live audience

You will know absolutely what works and what doesn’t work when you sit in with the audience watching your play and what’s more you can change it if it doesn’t work so the next night it will be better.

5. Community!

Theatre is highly collaborative and it’s great to be able to work with other people to create something. Writing can be very solitary and theatre offers writers not only a high degree of creative expression but also the opportunity to be part of something beyond your laptop.

BIO: Carla Grauls’ “Occupied” was developed through Theatre503 and has been offered a full run from 1-26 April. “Occupied” is a darkly comic play set in a derelict Victorian toilet about two Romanian immigrants, who driven by a desire for belonging, kidnap an Englishman to learn how to become English. BUY TICKETS HERE.

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