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The Decision: “Lizzie’s Diary” — COMING SOON

A prochoice-orientated novel & transmedia series, “Lizzie’s Diary”, playing out in real time on Twitter & Facebook


A 17 yo young woman with a bright academic future discovers she’s pregnant and is faced with ALL of the possible outcomes of her decision: abortion; miscarriage; single parenthood, etc.


WHAT IF … you could play out everything that *could* happen next in your life?

The bright Lizzie, 17, has big plans, but can she have the life she wanted, with a baby in tow? What will her family and friends say? And what will the baby’s father choose to do: stay out of it, or stand by her?

Working on the notion some moments in time are unchangeable, Lizzie will find herself pregnant, then have to choose what to do next. Lizzie will be presented with ALL of the possible scenarios and discover some are not as bad as they seem and others worse than she imagines.

It’s 2014, but the issue of teenage pregnancy is STILL stereotyped and oversimplified by the media and politicians: “On average, we think teenage pregnancy is 25 times higher than official estimates:  we think that 15% of girls under 16 get pregnant each year, when official figures suggest it is around 0.6%[i].” SOURCE: Ipsos Mori

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You can download the official Lizzie’s Diary press release here for your blog, social media profiles, website or publication, HERE.

Official synopsis for The Decision: Lizzie’s Story

Follow Lizzie on Twitter, as @LizziesDecision.

The Official Facebook page for The Decision Book Series.

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Pinterest Board of articles about teens – The Decision: YOUR Story 

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