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Happy New Year!

New book

So, 2013 happened. And it was a much, much better year than 2012 in many ways.


1) I had my first novel published: Bauchentscheidung (“Gut Decision”) in January. This was the German Language version of my YA teenage pregnancy novel, THE DECISION: Lizzie’s Story. It was amazing to see my own name on the front of a book at last, even if I couldn’t read the words inside! (Weirdly however, flicking through I still sort of got it! haha). As a result I was invited to two workshops in international schools in Frankfurt, which was a really interesting experience, especially as I’d never been to Germany before. It did mean I had to get on a plane (not my favourite thing), so apologies if you followed my profane and somewhat hysterical tweeting throughout that episode!!

2) Late summer and early autumn was the shoot of JK Amalou’s ASSASSIN, starring Danny Dyer and reuniting The Kemp Brothers for the first time in twenty years since THE KRAYS. Assassin is not your average gangster movie, which is why I got involved. It’s a story I’m really proud of and the rushes are looking GREAT. Can’t wait for you all to see it in 2014.

3) I also had my first non fiction book published, WRITING AND SELLING THRILLER SCREENPLAYS, as part of the Creative Essentials range, an imprint of Kamera Books. I did a crash course on Thriller writing at London Screenwriters Festival in October as a result and even a book signing, which was a very surreal experience.

4) Finally, in December, this website got a MAKEOVER! Did you notice??? If not, take a look now. As you will be able to see, it’s much more minimalist and easy to navigate. You can check out my books, films and information along the top under the B2W banner, as well as a contact form, where you can find the B2W Service and Rate card as well.



1) Newsletter. First off, B2W will be offering an occasional newsletter in the new year, so if you want to sign up for it, enter your details in the little sign up box on the top right hand sidebar, directly under the B2W banner.

2) Novels. Secondly, I’m delighted to say that I will have THREE books coming out in 2014!

First off, THE DECISION: LIZZIE’S STORY will be out in the English Language at last. THE DECISION series is for young adults aged 14-19 years especially and each novel follows the fates of a female protagonist who will have to face up to a dilemma of some kind in a “Sliding Doors”-type way; she will be presented with a scenario and the myriad of ways it *could* play out.

In Lizzie’s case, the dilemma involves an unexpected pregnancy and she will be presented with the consequences of her decision whether she has the baby (or not). In addition, its companion novel THE DECISION: JASMINE’S STORY will be out shortly afterwards. Each DECISION book takes place in the storyworld of Winby, a rural backwater somewhere not unlike Devon. Jasmine’s dilemma involves her best friend Olivia, who is suffering from depression as a result of family problems and bullying.

I have no dates as yet, but of course Bang2writers will be the first to know. You can read the backgrounds of writing both DECISION novels on Rosie Claverton’s blog, here.

3) Non Fiction. In addition to the two books above, I’m delighted to say Kamera Books and Creative Essentials have already commissioned me on a second non fiction book. This time it will concern writing and selling Drama Screenplays. It will be quite different to the Thrillers screenplay however and will not follow **quite** the same format. If you’d like to know what type of thing will be in the book, click here and then click on its cover, for a breakdown.

As ever, I would like to thank ALL of you, my amazing Bang2writers … well, for being so amazing! I hope to meet more of you at London Screenwriters’ Festival and elsewhere in 2014 and that your own projects go fantastically.


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