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Submissions Insanity: Demystifying The Spec Pile


One weapon in writers’ armoury is KNOWING how best to approach agents, publishers and filmmakers – but also, how others before them have screwed up! This is why I attempt to demystify the spec pile wherever possible.

On this basis, I’m a Script Magazine columnist. My monthly advice page is called – you guessed it – Submissions Insanity! Check out some of the articles posted already:

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Familiar Ideas To Avoid 

How To Win Or Place Highly In Screenwriting Contests

And keep an eye on my Scriptmag Author Page, here for more articles, updated every month.

Also, check out my tweets about 2013’s London Screenwriters’ Festival Script Labs submissions.

You can also read previous looks in the LondonSF spec piles:

The LondonSWF Short Script Challenge (2010)

Laugh A Minute 1 Page Comedy Script Contest (2011)

4 Nights In August (2011 Short Script Contest)

Inside The Spec Pile: Script Labs 2012, Part 1

Inside The Spec Pile: Script Labs 2012, Part 2

So really: there is NO EXCUSE for half-assed approaches to the people who are assessing your work … Make sure you reader-proof your work by ensuring you don’t drop those OBVIOUS (and not so obvious) clangers. Get cracking! And good luck …

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