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#LondonSWF 2013 – On My Way!


So I’m off on my travels all day today to London for the fourth annual London Screenwriters’ Festival!

Tonight I’ll be at the networking and registration drinks. Come and find me and practice your networking skills or pitches on me. That’s right – I ASKED FOR IT, C’MON! But before you do, watch out for these pitch killers or I’ll blast a klaxon in your face!



Tomorrow, in the morning I will be in the Final Draft Marquee, ready to answer delegates’ questions as an LSF Roving Expert. There is a whole fleet of us, you can’t miss us: we’re wearing BIG, BRIGHT badges! Here is the full list of speakers acting in this role this year with expertise as far and wide as comedy, science fiction, comics, computer games, genre, script editing and more. So grab us and ask us something!

In the afternoon, I’ll be in conversation with TV writing legend Tony Jordan. He’s one of my big heroes, so it’ll be an honour, plus he’s so friendly and personable he’ll answer ALL your questions (as long as they’re writing-related!). So if your ambition is to work in returning drama, make sure you are there and/or following the hashtag #LondonSWF for updates in real time from people inside the room.

In the evening, I’ll be talking Keeping Audiences On The Edge Of Their Seats to celebrate publishing my new book, Writing And Selling Thriller Screenplays (Creative Essentials). I’ll be giving a “crash course” on writing the Thriller genre, such as dramatic context and how it differs to Horror; what audiences want; the typical mistakes I see in spec Thrillers and more. Afterwards, copies of my book will be on sale and I will be signing copies. (For those of you who are not there, you can get a discount off my book with code THIRTY at London Books, via @SoFluid).


Saturday, I am slammed all day! In the morning,I will be running 5 of the 6 LSF Script Labs with my trusty assistant, Sam Hutchinson. We’ve got writer/director JK Amalou talking genre features concepts with six lucky delegates, as well WAKING THE DEAD’s Barbara Machin talking crime; Will Massa from Collabor8te talking short film writing; Hollywood’s Luke Ryan is talking transmedia and top script consultant Philip Shelley returns for his brilliant Creating TV Drama Lab for its second year.

In the afternoon, I am rather star struck: one of my fave screenwriters Joe Eszterhas will be sitting down with six lucky delegates to discuss their Hollywood Thriller concepts and lucky ol’ me gets to be in the same room too. As I’ve written before, I’ve loved Joe’s work since I was a girl (even though I was far too young!), so it’s a bit of a dream come true for me. (You can buy Joe’s brilliant book, The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood: The Screenwriter As God, here. It’s an absolute scream).

And finally in the evening of the Saturday I’ll be talking to me ol’ mucker JK Amalou, who’s just wrapped on hitman Thriller ASSASSIN, plus he’s also responsible for cult gangster HARD MEN, so there’s no one better to talk about this rich and varied genre and the opportunities available to really do something different.


Sunday morning, I’ll be back with the roving experts. Come find us, either in the Final Draft Marquee or walking around the campus. I’ll also be popping in to the Storylining Continuing Drama Session with Sally Abbott & Kevin Rundle to introduce it, so I’ll see you there too if you’re going.

In the afternoon, I’ll be meeting with various people and will hopefully be popping into the pitchfest, so keep an eye out for me – I’ll post to the #LondonSWF hashtag where I am.

I’m also hoping to pop in to the BASIC INSTINCT “Script To Screen” session, which I’m sure will be a real eye opener.

At half four, I’ll be leading my last session, Transmedia: Opportunities Online & Beyond. I’ll be talking with Broken Sword’s Steve Ince, Try Life’s Paul Irwin and Mr. Vista’s Tim Clague about what transmedia is and how to harness the opportunities of multi platforms in getting our work made and out there, without blowing it.

Can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones. You can’t miss me, here’s a recent pic (though my hair is a tad longer now).

See you there and/or on #LondonSWF on Twitter … 

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