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5 Essential Apps For Writers

Whether you’re in academic, creative, or business writing, there are more tools than ever before to get inspired, organise your thoughts and get help with publication. Of course, most people don’t have time to wade through the swamp of redundant, buggy, spam-ridden apps, so we’ve done the hard work for you. The following 5 apps are among the highest-rated, most-popular on iTunes and Google Play.

1. Story Tracker

Story Tracker is a great organisational tool for writers who are already getting content published. This app makes it easy to track where content has been submitted, what deadlines are looming and what royalties have been received. The full version is fairly expensive, although a ìfreemiumî version is also available. Note: this app is not password protected, so keep your financial and creative information secure in other ways. (Cost: $7.99 for full version, with a ìliteî version available free to download)

2. Writer

Writer is an enormously popular Android app. This app gives writers a clean, navigable space for content creation. Unlike other word processors that are poorly adapted to a mobile computing experience, Writer is relatively smooth despite the limitations of a mobile interface. It’s polished, attractive and (best of all) free to download. Sharing options are limited, so youíll need to cobble together your own method of getting content out, but otherwise this is an excellent pick. (Cost: free)

3. Writer’s Studio
Writer’s Studio allows tablet users to create rich text that was previously only available on a desktop or laptop. Easily align images, create different fonts, and structure chapters with Writer’s Studio. The only hiccup in the program is a slightly confusing interface and a slightly grainy look on retinal displays. (Cost: $3.99)

4. iThoughtsHD

iThoughtsHD is the perfect resource for a writer looking to hash out the structure of a written piece. Whether drafting a chapter, creating an outline, or defining integral ideas and principles, iThoughtsHD makes it easy for writers to create a visual representation of their brainstorming sessions. This iOS app costs $9.99 and is compatible with a wide range of desktop mind-mapping applications, making it perfect for those who work on both desktops and tablets. The app also has next to no compatibility issues, which has given it the edge over nearly all other mind-mapping apps available. (Cost: $9.99)

5. Evernote
This app has become a must-have for since its release in 2008: writers can take notes, snap photos and videos, and even record voice memos. The content is synced to a user’s desktop version of the app. With support for a wide assortment of different platforms and operating systems, Evernote is the clear choice for writers looking for an easy way to stay organised and keep their thoughts in one place. For a fee of either $5/month or $45/year, users can also boost the amount of storage allotted to them on the company’s servers. (Cost: free)

An important warning on Evernote, which prevents it from scoring higher in our book: questionable policies on content ownership could potentially also be deal-breakers for certain users, so make sure you read the terms of use carefully.


Patricia Shuler is a staff writer from Oakland, California. Sheís an admitted tech-junkie whoís quick to share her honest opinion on all things consumer electronicóincluding up-to-date news, user reviews on smartphones, tablets, and the latest laptops for sale, and ìno holds barredî opinions on a variety of social media, tech, computer, and mobile accessories topics.


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