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Why Won’t My Spec Sell??

Every day people find this blog via the search, “Why won’t my spec script sell??”

Once upon a time I would have sympathised and said a fair amount of luck comes into it. Whilst true, having been on enough projects that have sold now (and seen a disproportionate amount go down the flusher having never come close to selling), I think I get why, now.

End of the day, it all comes to this:

Are you writing your concept to FIT the industry?

Or expecting the industry to FIT your concept?

If the former, CONGRATULATIONS. You realise that it’s concept that sells and the industry wants marketable screenplays and novels; you realise that people want “The Same … But Different” – but not *so* samey we’ve seen it all before. What’s more, you realise you can still write about the issues and things that concern you – you don’t have to sell out to give the people what they want; you reject “tick the box” writing.

But if you’re going for the latter? You’re destined for disappointment.

That’s just the way it is.

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