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Writing For Games Podcast – Download it here!

Are you interested in writing for games, or interested in finding out about mediums outside your usual comfort zone?

Then this is the podcast for you, free to download here on Bang2write! Tim Clague and Steve Ince both talk about their experience writing for games. It makes for fascinating listening.

Play the podcast below…

Download the MP3 file here for your iPod

Don’t forget, you’ve still got time to apply to LondonSWF Script Labs, which includes a Lab on writing for games with Steve. With 3.5 days to go until the deadline, odds of getting into the @londonswf Script Labs: ESPECIALLY good for Comedy Lab, Writing For Holby & Writing for Games. Fair odds for Collabor8te, Philip Shelley & The Producer’s Den. Most highly contested labs are Luke Ryan’s “Writing For Hollywood” and Stephen May’s Writing Drama lab. And yes, you can apply for more than 1 lab AND make more than 1 submission to the SAME lab. APPLY NOW.

The deadline is THE Friday, October 12th, 2012, 5pm GMT. Good luck!

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