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Get Out There And Do It

Writers. They’re ace. I love them.

And they’re everywhere. Go on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn. Visit sites like Talent Circle and Shooting People. Go to an event like London Screenwriters Festival. There you’ll find writers, clumped together in groups, chatting about all kinds of stuff. It’s great and you feel at home.

I get it. You feel like they *know* what the struggle is all about; you can relate to them, it’s easy. Being with other writers is inspiring and fun. You feel like you can do anything when there are writers by your side.

But can you actually do anything with other writers? Yes. It’s always worthwhile to know other writers; don’t get me wrong.

But you have to reach out and find people who are NOT writers as well.

And despite the fact I get people telling me every single week how difficult it is to find collaborators and leads it’s actually EASIER than you think … Because you’ve done it before already.

Remember how you found your writer contacts? Use the same methodology to find Producers, Directors, Script Editors, Publishers, Comics Makers, Journalists, Storyboard Artists – in short ANYONE you’ve decided you want in your stable:

– Use social networking sites

– Go to events

– Respond to script calls

– Enter into dialogues

– Do favours (writing ones, mind … tsk)

– Don’t hassle people

– Keep an open mind

– Don’t freak out

– See where it takes you

It’s really as simple as that.


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