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LSF Script Labs 2012 – Queries & Answers

Got a ticket for London Screenwriters Festival 2012? 

Then make sure you don’t miss out on The Script Labs.

LSF Script Labs are intimate, invite-only sessions with an industry leader in that field – and we have NINE this year to apply for, so make sure you get your submissions in pronto!

I’ve had a variety of questions via email, Facebook and Twitter, so here’s a quick round up:

  • YES –  You can apply for more than one lab
  • MAYBE  – You can get selected for more than one lab …  Depends on the quality of the work I guess!
  • YES – it is me behind the selections, though many of the industry peeps holding the lab are involved in selection
  • YES  – you can make more than one application to the SAME lab
  • YES –  you can still apply for the labs if you’re not British, you just need to ensure you’re an LSF delegate
  • YES – all work submitted needs to be in the English Language
  • YES – if you’re submitting scripts, please ensure it’s in the “right” format (unless it’s for the Steve Ince Lab)
  • NO – your script does not have to be a developed work necessarily (check out submissions details for individual labs)
  • NO – Script Labs are not “first come, first served”, but the fewer applicants there are, the greater the odds of you getting into the lab
  • No – Luke Ryan & The Comedy Lab are not up on the website yet and YES there will be a few days’ grace on that deadline – UPDATE: Luke Ryan’s Lab is NOW LIVE
  • DON’T WORRY if you’re a “pay monthly” LSF delegate and haven’t got your ticket number, include your payment info in the email instead
  • The deadline is 5pm (GMT), October 12th, 2012
So … How many submissions have there been so far? Check this out:

GUB NEAL, “The Producer’s Den” (TV). 6 spaces available. Applications so far: NONE.

STEVE INCE, Writing For Games. 6 spaces available. Applications so far: NONE.

PHILLIP SHELLEY, Creative TV Drama Series. 6 spaces available. Applications so far: 1.

JUSTIN YOUNG, Writing For Holby City. 6 spaces available. Applications so far: 1

COLLABOR8TE, Short Script. 6 spaces available. Applications so far: 1

STEPHEN MAY, Writing Drama (Features & TV). 2 labs, with 8 participants each. Applications so far: 11

LUKE RYAN, Writing For Hollywood (Features). 6 spaces available. Applications so far: 0

Don’t miss this GREAT chance to get YOUR ACTUAL WORK in front of some really great industry names! GO GO GO



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