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And It’s Goodbye From Him …

… Just a short note today from Sam Caine who’s finished his internship in social media with Bang2write! I have really enjoyed Sam’s posts and the linkage/talking points he’s come up with both here and at the Facebook and Twitter pages, so wish him well for his third year on the BA (Hons) Scriptwriting For Film & Television degree at Bournemouth University. Best of luck Sam!


My dearest Bang2Writers,

That moment has come where I must leave you and redirect my attentions to full-time education, writing and scriptreading. Working at Bang2Write has been a pretty great experience for me, and I’ve learned a lot about writing and writers.

There’s an expression that I can’t quite place my finger on about how we all learn more by trying to teach than by trying to learn, and goodness, that’s proved to be true. I’ve tried dispense some of my knowledge, observations and wisdom to you and hopefully I’ve been successful in some of those respects, but even if I haven’t, I’ve learned a lot (so there).

This doesn’t have to be farewell forever, I have a Twitter you can follow me on and you can read more about me in my little biography below. If Lucy doesn’t banish me, I think there’s a fairly good chance I’ll do some guest posts in the future too, so even if you WANT to get rid of me, well, tough.

Thanks to Lucy, for the amazing opportunity, guidance and feedback, and thanks to you guys for letting me know what you think, or even just reading!

My family has never shied away from physical affection at moments of sadness, so come here, give me a hug. Not so tight. Let’s not make it weird.


BIO: Sam Caine is a scriptwriting student at Bournemouth University about to embark on his final year. He enjoys reading, writing and moaning. He doesn’t enjoy mushrooms, spiders or talking about himself in the third person. You can follow him on his slightly bizarre Twitteron his blog of writing-related miscellanea, or subscribe to him on Facebook, if you’re into that kind of stuff. He tries to refrain from judgement.

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