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5 Minute Survey

Just a quick one today.

Do you live in the South West of the UK? Do you like the sound of more scriptwriting and networking day courses in our little green section of the world? Or maybe you fancy a trip to the ‘Shire to get your dose of writing-related goodness?

Then fill out my 5 minute survey.

No registration required; it’s completely anonymous. There’s a suggestions box too, so even if you DON’T live in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall or Somerset, feel free to send me your thoughts and suggestions. I’ve had quite a few calls for an online course, which is certainly something I’m willing to look into.

Fill out the survey here. Feel free to share it with your followers and friends.

Thanks to everyone who’ve filled it out already … Yes, even the person who wants “free Guinness and compulsory group sex”! Hmmmm … I wonder who *that* could be???

Thanks for your feedback!

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