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Bang2writers: Meet Sam Caine

So, I’m off for the summer and for the second year, I am turning the blog and social media over to a B2W intern, this time the ever-effervescent Sam Caine. I hope you’ll make him feel welcome! I’ll still be around, so check out Bang2writers and Twitter.



My name’s Sam Caine and I’ll be your host today.

Lucy has kindly given me the honour of being her intern at Bang2Write, and much like Eleanor Ball before me, I thought it was appropriate to do a quick introductory entry, telling you who I am, and what I do.

I was going to do the ’10 facts about me’ thing that Eleanor did, but after re-reading hers, I’ve realised that I’m much less interesting. As a result, the following ten facts have been carefully blended with elaborate works of fiction (lies). See if you can find the truths!

1.) I’m originally from Nottingham, which is in the Midlands. The Midlands only seems to exist in the Midlands, so I’ll either be a Southerner or a Northerner depending on where you’re from. Nottingham is probably most famous for Robin Hood. I’ve only met him once, and he was very underwhelming.

2.) I specialise in scriptwriting (and study it at Bournemouth University), but I have been known to write prose, blogs and far too many tweets about nothing. I am also an excellent marksman.

3.) My proudest moment of being a writer so far was making the last 25 in the year’s Red Planet Prize. My least proud moment was being dressed as a dog and walking on all fours through the streets of Bournemouth. As a firm believer in method acting, I ate nothing but dog food for a week.

4.) My dad’s name is Michael Caine. He is a famous actor and is definitely not a computer programmer with an unfortunate name.

5.) I have a blind, deaf and fat miniature sausage dog called Otis. I smuggle him on holidays by pretending he’s a travel cushion.

6.) My favourite thing about writing is the sense of community. I love collaborating, and reading other people’s work. My collaborative ‘highlight’ so far was being show-runner for a television series that I designed with my friends and colleagues. It was never stressful, and we all had constantly good time.

7.) I write a lot of different genres, but the major theme that runs through my work is that of morality and human tragedy. I tried to write that in a way that sounded less bleak, because I quite often have comedy in my work. When I say tragedy, think of Shakespeare writ small: if Hamlet was a middle-manager, or Othello a security guard. I love writing about humanity and flaws, which is strange, because I am a perfect android.

8.) The film I wish I’d written is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: innovative, moving and funny, it has everything I’d want people to someday say about my work. It has nothing to do with it being wildly successful.

9.) I’ve chosen to write nine facts about myself, because I like subverting expectations. It has nothing to do with the fact I am quickly running out of things to say.


BIO: Sam Caine is a scriptwriting student at Bournemouth University about to embark on his final year. He enjoys reading, writing and moaning. He doesn’t enjoy mushrooms, spiders or talking about himself in the third person. You can follow him on his slightly bizarre Twitteron his blog of writing-related miscellanea, or subscribe to him on Facebook, if you’re into that kind of stuff. He tries to refrain from judgement.

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