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Quick Question: Novel Writing

Bang2writer Erinmaochu asks via Twitter:
What software are people using to write novels on these days  or other examples, or simple pen and paper?

First up, I use Microsoft Word. It’s what I started with, it came with the machine and it’s got everything I need (for those wondering, format-wise that’s 12point Times New Roman, double spaced. End of).

A straw poll of Bang2writers revealed MS Word to be the most popular choice, with Scrivener and Word Perfect close seconds. Writers’ Cafe, CeltX, Write Way Pro and Final Draft also figured. Here is a great list of writing software to trawl through (free and paid for).

Another issue to remember with novels is how you save them, because agents, publishers and uploading to indie publishing sites etc means editing has to be easy. So whatever platform you use to write in, I’d recommend you make sure you can save in .doc or .docx formats to make this transition as problem-free as possible.

As for pen and paper, I hear there are fewer first drafts on paper now – certainly my novel BUT WHAT NEXT? exists solely on the Macbook. Here’s an interesting article about why you should write free hand, first. Food for thought. 
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